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Composing a Topic Sentence: A Comprehensive Guide

Composing a Topic Sentence: A Comprehensive Guide

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Stuck with the Topic Sentence? Here Is What You Should Do

In writing research papers and essays, there are many aspects that you need to take care of. First, you have to understand the topic of the research paper issued. Where you are expected to select to pick on your subject, you need to take one that you can write on comfortably. After that, you have to do your research and ensure the content you get is relevant to the research paper question asked.

However, there is one critical factor that determines if you get a good grade or a mediocre on; how you organize the content. The sections that papers have to vary depending on the type. For example, essays are only made up of introduction, body, and conclusion. On the other hand, dissertations have more sections, including the abstract, methodology results, and discussion, among others.

One common thing for all papers is the topic sentence. It is what the idea that is discussed in the rest of a paper paragraph. While a paper can only have one thesis statement, the number of topic sentences depend on the ideas presented in a paper. Each argument has to be introduced appropriately.

To improve the quality of the papers you prepare, you need to learn how to write a topic sentence expertly. Are you one of those people struggling to learn this skill? Below are guidelines that can help you.

What is a Topic Sentance? Read the Information Below

A paragraph is made of several sentences. For coherence and ease of comprehension, these sentences have to be organized. Moreover, they need to send a specific message. For every writing task you undertake, it is expected that you should use several sentences that make up different paragraphs right from the introduction to the conclusion. The transition from one paragraph to the next shows that you are beginning a new argument.

The paragraphs often contain different pieces of information. When you have a well-organized paragraph, it should communicate a specific message. The topic sentance represents the summary of that message. That sentence has several critical functions. First, it ensures there is unity in the argument presented in a given paragraph. As a writer, it is easy for you to divert from the main course of your paragraph to other ideas. It is this sentence that reminds you of what you are supposed to discuss.

With a good topic sentence, the professor already knows what to expect in a particular paragraph. They do not have to strain to get the message in your essay. Therefore, your work becomes more comprehensible. The clearer you make your message from the beginning, the better for you.

Characteristics of Good Topic Statement Examples

It is not all the focus sentences that you come across out there are good. Some topic statement examples are mediocre. Focus sentences should possess specific characteristics for them to be considered good. First, they should be specific. When you prepare an essay, it should have from 3 to 7 paragraphs. A paragraph can contain from 6 to 8 sentences. That means you need to use words properly to pass the intended message effectively. Therefore, the focus sentence should be specific enough to perform the intended function properly.

If you have an essay that focuses on environmental management, and there is a particular paragraph focused on the Ozone layer, you can use a topic sentence that makes a good assertion. You can write something like ‘The Ozone layer is critical when it comes to the retention of heat transferred to the earth surface and preventing the penetration of ultraviolet light that can be harmful to the human skin.’ In this case, you notice that the focus sentence makes a specific claim that can be supported by explanations. Right from the first statement, the professor can already tell what you will be talking about in the rest of the paragraph in question. When writing topic sentences, they should not be too narrow either. With your judgment, take something that can be explained within the confines of your paragraph.

Secondly, the essay topic sentence should be explainable or supportable. You need to know that the existence of the rest of your paragraph is to explain the assertion made by the focus sentence. If no evidence can support the focus sentence stated, you need to relook at it and make a better one. Normally, the focus sentences are supported by evidence such as factual statistical data, quotations from credible researches, or presentation of a logical argument which is aimed at persuading the professor that you know what you are talking about. It is this need for support that makes the focus sentence to come at the beginning of paragraphs.

Good topic sentence examples provide answers to the specific essay question. Whenever you are writing; the main aim is to bring out an argument that clears all doubts. In other words, there should be a connection between your focus sentence and the thesis statement.

Moreover, the focus sentence should be intriguing. Therefore, you should not bore the professor as you write it. There are different ways of making your topic sentence compelling. Bring up surprising facts that the professor would enjoy to read further. To make the focus sentence interesting, it should be well-thought-out. In other words, it should not be something obvious. Look at such elements as you read the topic sentence examples.

Strong topic sentences are also written in the active voice. That is a more direct voice and brings out an argument strongly as compared to the passive voice. You need to persuade the professors that you are sure of what you are talking about.

Tips on How to Write a Good Topic Sentence

As a student that writes papers frequently, you need to perfect your skills on how to write a good topic sentence. Ensure this sentence is up to par with the requirements of your professor and improves the general quality of your paper. The first step is to write the main idea in the paragraph. Since it what dictates what is in the rest of your paragraph, ensure you are neither too wordy nor incomprehensible. As you state this sentence, ensure it is not a simple announcement of what you are going to discuss. Avoid focus statements like, “Now, let us discuss the importance of proper governance.” Instead, you need to write something more specific like, “Proper management practices lead to more productivity in businesses.” Moreover, ensure you adhere to the topic sentence structure.

Next, ensure the focus sentence is neither too general nor too specific. Get a balance between the two. An example of a vague focus sentence is something like, “Most African countries suffered a lot during the fight for independence.” On the other hand, a statement like, “All Christmas trees are made of cedar,” is too specific. In this case, a good topic sentence example is something like, “the separation of families during the Cold War caused pain among the citizenry.”

You need to hook the attention to the text in the rest of your paper. In other words, create suspense in your professor such that he or she does not have any other option but to read the rest of the content in the paragraph. There are different ways you can achieve this. First, you can begin by giving a vivid description of a character place or object. The professors can then create mental pictures and proceed to fulfill their fantasies by reading through the paragraph. Avoid the use of rhetorical questions at the beginning of the paragraphs. In most cases, they are a turn-off to the professors. When you check the examples of topic sentences used by successful authors, you notice that they do not use the questions that require obvious answers at the beginning of their paragraphs.

Make the focus sentence brief and interesting. It is inappropriate to keep the professors guessing what you mean or going through many words without getting your point. Ensure it is short so that the professors can get your intention right from the start. If you do not know how to start a topic sentence, you should read other articles from trustworthy authors and publications to know what you need to do. It is improper to begin writing when you do not know what is required.

Present a reasonable opinion to your professors. The essence of the rest of the content in the paragraph is to substantiate the claim made by the focus sentence. Ensure you state something that you can use concrete facts to prove. That means you should avoid using facts when writing the focus sentence. Reserve them for the explanations.

Still struggling with how to write topic sentences? You can also use transition phrases to guide the professors from one idea to the next. It helps the professors not to get lost n the middle of the arguments. The statements you can use include, besides, moreover, additionally, even though, and although among others. They tell the professors that you are now discussing a different argument.

Critical Topic Sentence Ideas for You

The topic sentence ideas do not come magically. You have to make a deliberate effort to create them. There are several processes you need to follow to ensure that you know the exact focus sentences that you need in your paper. The first crucial step is to study the specific topic you are expected to base your discussion on. Proper comprehension is to ensure you do not present irrelevant concepts in your paper. Where you are not sure of the response that is required in your paper. You have to consult your professor. Additionally, discuss with your classmates who can help. Many people do not even know what are topic sentences. Asking the professor such question would be a nice place to begin so that you can have the surety of writing a good paper.

Moreover, you have to read the question instructions. In some cases, the professors specify the specific sections the paper should have and the exact paragraphs required, that way, you already have an idea the number of focus sentences you need. You can then work on finding out what is a topic sentence in an essay if you still do not know.

The next step is to do your research. The point here is to obtain the information you need in the paper. For authority, use the most trustworthy information sources. Begin with the lecture notes that are relevant to the research questions you have. You can then go to your university library and look for books with information on your subject. Finally, you can make use of credible online information sources. Ensure all the sources you use are trustworthy, credible, and relevant depending on the subject you are to address. Focus on getting reliable examples as well.

Your research should be comprehensive to ensure you get ideas that are adequate for your paper. It is these ideas to form your focus sentences. Therefore, ensure they are complete. At the preparatory stage, specify the sequence of your ideas so that before you begin writing the paper, you already know what should come before the other. For every idea you have, think of a proper focus sentence that can go with it. Learn how to create a topic sentence before you begin the work. Some examples of focus sentences include:

  • Professional photography is complex and requires an individual to possess advanced skills
  • There are specific considerations people need to take care of to remodel a home appropriately.
  • Industrial activities are the biggest contributors to environmental pollution
  • There are specific qualities people should have to succeed in their careers

Topic Sentences Examples and Types You Can Consider

There are different topic sentences examples you can come across. Here are some you can consider as you write your essay:

  • Number Statements

In this example of topic sentence, there is a phrase that implies numbers. That number is what the professor should focus on. If you are the one reading the paper, prepare yourself for a list coming after that. Several phrases are associated with these sentence types. They include “numerous factors….” “Four advantages of…” and “many benefits of…” among others. There are many example topic sentences that can be framed that way. Some that you can consider include, ‘Three cities contribute the highest level of pollution in the world”, “During summer, there are many activities I do to pass the time,” and “Three strange things happened during the party.”

  • List statements

Some topic examples can be presented in the form of lists. The professor is introduced to the things you intend to talk about. There are many list types that you can use in your essay. An example is something like, “When you decide to buy a car, consider factors like reliability, safety, and affordability to guide your purchasing decision.”

  • Declarative statements

In this example of a topic sentence, the writers use strong verbs to attract the attention of the professors to what is addressed in the paragraph. An example, “the scored by the students at Woodland School improved.”

Get Help from Experts If You Are Stuck

Learning how to make a topic sentence is a skill that every student need. You can read different articles and come up with your unique style. The trick is to ensure you frequently write to ensure you build your expertise. There are also professional writers that can assist whenever you are unable to write a paper on your own. You can place an order for your problematic paper today and get a professional assistance shortly!

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  • Composing a Topic Sentence: A Comprehensive Guide
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