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All Types of Writing: Ultimate Guide

All Types of Writing: Ultimate Guide

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

All Types of Writing Assistance and Tips to Help You Get Started

A student may face a tough time writing some types of essays, and at the same time, some papers may be interesting to them. Essays may be long or short, narrative or descriptive exciting or serious. However, the main goal of your paper is to meet the academic writing standard by ensuring content is logically flowing and its highly readable. Moreover, we have diffrent writing styles which are used in writing.

The common types of essay writing styles are MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. Being conversant with different types of the essay puts you at a better place in case you come across any paper. Get guidelines for all types of writing here and improve your article drafting skills formidably. Moreover, we have experts with skills in different types of writing formats to help you accordingly.

Tips on How to Write an MLA Style Format Correctly

There are different styles of writing. MLA is a common format. However, the question is, do you know how to format it perfectly? Get the procedure of inscribing an MLA format to your text. First and foremost, open your word document. On your top left, you will see the word written ‘insert.’ Click the insert then a horizontal table will pop up, on the middle of the table you will see ‘a page number.’ Click the page number then a drop-down menu will pop up, go ahead and click on the top of the page and drop down plain numbers will appear.

Click plain number 3 and on top of your paper on the right side, a number 1 will appear automatically. In front of the number one, you write your surname then click the ‘close header and footer.’ Once you are done with inserting the surname, on the left side of your paper, write in block your full names, instructor’s name, the course you are pursuing and date.

Write the title of your work. The title of your article should be placed at the center and ensure you capitalize each word. Then write a great paper from conducting good research. Lastly, you need to have a separate page from the content to cater for your reference page. Here you will start by the name of the author of the source you used to conduct the research, title of the book, place of publishing, the publisher, and lastly the year of publication.

Ensure that the sources are arranged alphabetically. However, here is an additional guide to help you insert the reference on MLA. On top of your word document, click references then on the style menu, select the one that fit your instructions, in this case, MLA. Click insert citation then add a new source and an empty drop-down table will appear. Fill in the table as required then click bibliography and the reference will be automatically be arranged on your work. What’s more, in MLA type writing, you will use Work Cited for your references.

Expert Guidelines for Inscribing the APA Writing Format

Even though there are different types of writing styles, APA is commonly used. Here is how to draft APA format papers. Begin by clicking the header, and a drop-down menu will appear. On the drop-down menu, click the first blank box, and a ‘type here’ word will automatically appear. Before typing anything, on the top of the paper, tick the box written ‘different first page.’ Now you can write your title in caps.

Start by Running Head then a full colon and then your title. Close header and footer then move to the next step on page two. On page two, click insert on the top left of your paper, a horizontal menu will pop up. Click page number a drop-down box will appear, choose box number 3. Number 2 will automatically appear. In front of the two, repeat the title of your task in caps but this time do not include a running head on it.

After writing the title, arrange it by separating it from number 2. Use the backspace of your laptop to move it far left to leave the number two on the far right. The title page should be separate from the content. On your title page, start with the title of your paper and capitalize each word. Then write your name, the name of your institution, course, and the date. Compose a well-researched content, and every source used should be included in the paper. Every primary point should be showcased by an in-text citation which includes the author of the source’s surname and publication year in parenthesis.

Finally, on a separate page, you will write your references, which are the sources from where the whole of your task has been extracted. Start by author’s names, year of the source publication in parenthesis, title of the source, place of publication then finally the publisher.

How to Write Harvard and Chicago Styles Correctly?

Once you are familiar with MLA and APA styles, how to format Chicago and Harvard should not be a problem since they are the same. The difference is very minute. For example, Chicago and MLA are closely related, while Harvard and MLA are somehow similar. To format a Chicago paper, you will write everything in MLA format then instead of in-text citation. You will have superscript numbers to represent the main points.

Also, you will need footnotes on the pages with primary points. To insert the superscript and the footnote, you need to click and hold both control and alt and F in your computer keyboard. Afterward, copy the MLA reference of the source then paste it on the footnote part.

To write a Harvard style, you need to write everything in APA style. Harvard is APA format only in different writing form. The only difference is on the in-text citation. In Harvard style, you will need to cite the name of the author, year of publication, and page number from where the primary source is extracted separated by a colon. For the reference, on the top-mid part of your paper, you will ‘references’ click it then set the style to Harvard. Click insert new citation then a blank table will appear, fill the table with the requirement and click okay. Click on the bibliography, and the references will appear automatically self-arranged in an alphabetical manner.

What Is a Common Type of Writing That a Student Can Come Across?

After knowing how to inscribe different types of styles, a common type of writing, you are likely to come across varies depending on the course you are undertaking. However, be prepared to encounter the following categories:

Genuine Tips to Help You Draft a Top-Notch Argumentative Essay

A persuasive essay is among one of the writing types where the writer needs to insist on a certain issue regarding a certain problem while giving his/her viewpoint. In the introductory paragraph, inform the reader briefly about your stance regarding the issue in question followed by some points that support your position. Close the first paragraph by a closing sentence which emphasizes your point of view regarding the problem in question. The closing clause should be strong enough and direct to the point since it is the thesis statement, which gives your paper its direction.

On the body paragraph, say much about your primary points. Second your points with arguments to prove your position as the most appropriate by proving how through well-structured sentences. Close the paper by a conclusion paragraph which summarizes the content of your paper while restating your position regarding the problem and the theme of the paper.

Do You Know How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive articles are among different types of essay writing which analyze and describe a given literature piece in detail. Here a writer will use adjectives and also rhetorical devices such as personification, imagery, metaphor, and similes among others. The literature devices visualize things making the reader understand every element used in the text. To write a descriptive text, start by a powerful introductory paragraph which attracts the attention of the reader to have the desire of reading the whole of your paper.

Introduce the topic briefly and interestingly to keep the reader wanting more and more of the article. End the first paragraph by a strong thesis statement which carries the theme of your paper. Expound each primary point on a separate paragraph on the body of your paper. Provide a summary of the whole of your paper and how the author has managed to use a variety of devices to make writing the novel a success.

Here Is How to Write an Effective Narrative Essay

Narratives are types of academic writing essays that entail writing experience or an encounter. Thus, you need to write it in a first-person pronoun. Moreover, since it is more of a story, every word counts. Thus, you must ensure your content flows logically with easy to read words to avoid giving your reader a hard time. Start by a catchy opening paragraph to draw the attention of your reader. Write a great body paragraph highlighting different points separately on its own paragraph. Lastly, end your paper by a conclusion which showcases how the experience communicated in the paper helped in changing, inspiring, and motivating you.

Compare and Contrast Essay Guidelines

You need a type of essays writing format that compares and contrast the topic presented? Here you will find how to write a quality write-up. Here you will need to analyze the topic issue to find the similarities to compare and the differences to contrast. You can compare the similarities and differences in separate paragraphs. Here, you need to start with a powerful intro paragraph and a strong thesis statement. The body paragraph should contain similarities and differences. Moreover, the conclusion paragraph should provide a summary of the whole content while identifying how similar or different the topic issue relates.

Additional Information Regarding the 4 Types of Writing

First of all, do you know what is essay writing? It is a piece of composition that vests an author the power to argue about something in their own words. Here is what you need to know about the 4 types of writing:

  • Argumentative paper -convince the reader;
  • Descriptive text- paint a picture of what you are describing;
  • Narrative-tell about a real-life experience;
  • Expository write-ups- only write facts.

Extra Categories of Writing You Are Likely to Encounter

The question, what are the types of writing a student may come across apart from the known 4 modes of writing has confused students.  The categories of writing mentioned above are not all. There are some more that you are likely to encounter. They are as follows:

Admission/Scholarship Essays

An admission essay is one among the broad writing categories you may encounter in your quest for education. When writing such papers, you need to convince your audience how you meet their eligibility test. Thus you must showcase the unique ability that puts you at a better position for admission chance than all the other applicants. Explain why you need a degree, why you have chosen the specific field, you are eying to major in, reflect personal weaknesses and strength, share how you know the college you are applying and lastly of what importance you will be to the school.

Cultural Identity Essays

This is more of informative writing. They are issue to native students to prepare them and help them learn different cultures across the border. To write a culture identity assignment, you need to focus majorly on religion, custom, language, and personal opinion.

Buy Different Types of Academic Writings from Us and Enjoy Vast Benefits

Here are some of the advantages to exploit whenever you buy different types of writing paper from our company:

  • Qualified writers

Whenever you are confused and uncertain, not knowing what are the different types of writing, reach out to our website, and get assistance. We have highly certified writers. Our writers have the relevant certification. Thus, regardless of your subject or topic, you will find a suitable writer to assist.

  • No assignment is too hard for us

Any type of academic writing is do-able to us. We have a team of highly skilled writers. Moreover, our writers have Ph.D. and Master’s degree with qualifications that match the complexity of your paper. Thus, irrespective of how much your paper may seem difficult, it will find a top-rated writer to draft it to its required context.

  • Delightful freebies

We are unique since we value our clients. Thus, we ensure that any time they make a purchase, we give them discounts as well as other free services. For instance, a client gets a free title and reference page, free writer selection, free revision, etc.

Here Are Some of What We Promise and Deliver to Our Client

We have many assurances to our clients. Some of them include:

  • Limitless revisions

In case the final paper fails to satisfy some of your requirements, we will rectify the paper accordingly. You are entitled to a two weeks revision timeline. Thus your paper will be rectified limitless until it conforms to the initial instructions.

  • Money-back guarantee

In case the work is unsatisfactory, you will be compensated upon refund request.

  • Security

We have a secure firewall with strong HTTP. Thus, no information can leak out to a third party. Moreover, we are keen and cannot disclose your billing detail to anyone, not even our writers.

Need Expertly Composed Papers? Place Your Order

With these tips, composing all types of academic writings should not be a problem anymore. However, in case you are stuck, we can help. We have the requirements put in place to assist you to produce quality work. All you need to do is to fill an order form, and we will do the rest.

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