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How many pages does “Brave New World” have?

What are the main characters and settings? Is it possible to give a short but meaningful plot?

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The book contains 268 pages. The novel is set in London in 2540 AD and is centralized on two characters living in the World State. Lenina is a worker at the hatchery; she is accepted as one of them by the society thus is contented. Bernard works at the Directorate of Hatcheries and Conditioning as a psychologist. He is not contented with his life. This stems from his shorter stature, a condition not common in the Alpha caste to which he is party to and more common in the lower castes. His boss threatens him with exile due to his non-conformity. The two go on holiday together to a Savage Reservation in New Mexico where they observe several rituals being performed. They meet a woman from the World State, Linda. She had come to the reservation on holiday years before but was separated and left behind by her group. She chose not to go back due to her shame in getting pregnant by a fellow holidaymaker who Bernard discovers is his boss. Linda wishes to go back home as the community ostracizes them. Bernard sees this as a chance to thwart the efforts to exile him. On arrival back at work, his boss accosts him but he turns the table around by introducing John, Linda’s son, to the boss. Out of embarrassment, the boss resigns. Bernard is made the legal custodian to John who has become a celebrity.

        His triumph is short lived as Linda decides to go a soma holiday permanently. John on the other hand refuses to attend the public functions organized by Bernard. Bernard and his friend, Helmhotz, are to be exiled to the islands after a fracas erupted between John and some Beta children after he tried stopping the distribution of soma to the lower caste. Helmhotz gladly accepts the punishment while Bernard pleads for second chance, which is denied. John’s wish to be exiled is turned down and he moves to an abandoned hilltop “air-lighthouse” where he later commits suicide.

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