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What is an autobiography essay?

how to start an autobiography essay? how to write an autobiography essay?

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An autobiography essay is a type of assignment that is concentrated on you, your personality, goals, values or life events. Depending on the assignment itself you may develop either one of the aspects of your life, or try to embrace them all while being accurate and concise. Therefore, before starting to write your essay, read the instructions carefully and make sure you get the idea of what is required. Also, remember to start your essay with a thesis statement, which would determine and clarify what you are about to include in your essay.

What matters most in each essay is structure. Creating an outline before writing is an essential part you should never skip. The other question arises, namely, how should you structure your biography when writing? It also depends on what your assignment requires. I mean you should perfectly know the core of your work and build your essay around it. Use a standard structure, as much as it is possible. Under a ‘standard structure’ I mean the one that includes Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Still, the structure might differ if you are required to write about a certain period of your life and describe it chronologically. In that case, I would suggest you find something that could join up all the parts of the story. For example, the events, courses, and books you read might be on the same topic or particular interest. Thus you’ll be able to create a logical conclusion to your writing. As this is an essay, not a CV, an introduction, body, and conclusion are highly recommended.

For you to get a better understanding of what an autobiography essay looks like, I would suggest you look through several examples. Here is what I have found for you.


Autobiography dedicated to my mother

Autobiography Pains and Rewards of Life

Autobiography Erikson’s Eight Stages Of Psychosocial Development


You can find more samples under the word ‘Autobiography’ entered to the search line on this website.

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