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updated 9 months ago

what is your own perspective about personhood development?

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updated 10 months ago

First of all, I’d like to define the term ‘personhood’ to skip the misunderstanding of my point of view.

As for me, the word ‘personhood’ describes who you are. It is the sum of your goals, values, your character peculiarities, your personality, rules you follow and live by, your knowledge and skills. All these significant points create the great unity of your personhood.

There is no need for a detailed explanation on how significant is the personhood development. Each person is a social being, and being included (accepted) in society is one of our major efforts in life. Here, your personhood plays the essential part, for it is the first and most reliable criteria for people to understand you and relate to you in a particular way. The points included in the general scheme of your personhood are the first things people usually ask or observe when meeting you for the first time. Depending on what you show and tell they make up their opinion and evaluate how relevant are the relations they might build with you. This is why developing your personhood is important.

There are already several approaches to personhood, like inherent (transcendental), interpersonal, capacity-based and others. If you want to know more, they are easily accessible on a vast variety of websites, so I’d suggest you to google it.

Also, you can find loads of students works exploring this term and its importance, making up their own point and evaluating the significance of studying it. I’ll end up with the list of papers I find most relevant.

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