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What are some examples of good hooks for an essay?

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updated 8 months ago

StudentShare actually holds a perfect ‘how-to’ guide on essay hooks, with loads of examples and explanations. You may find it HERE.

Here I’ll make a short summary of it only, as there is not much more to say.

Strong essay hooks are meant to grab the reader’s attention and make him/her read your essay to the very end.

Due to statistics, best essay hooks are statistics itself and short stories, that appeal to emotions.

My personal favorites are controversial facts and provocation. Not only those grab attention, but also they perfectly cope with the task of holding the reader’s attention.

Imagine you start your essay on millennials with the phrase like

The main thing I can wish as a Millennial is not to turn into the malicious flopper as most of the X-generation people have done. All they do now is scolding the youngers. All I can feel in response is a pity. However, I must admit that not all the elder people are acting this way.’

I bet your readers would keep reading and wait till you elaborate the thought. A good hook in a form of provocation has to make your reader confused, make the reader ask loads of questions and unable to answer them as you would. I mean, your initial point and position towards the issue should be NOT obvious, NOT clear to your reader.

There are several more ways to start your essay. There are more hooks and tricks to grab the attention of a reader, but you better find those in the guide. Pick the one you personally like better. It would ease you like.. everything.

Good luck!

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