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Is your service is legal to use?

Can I use samples for study or copy the papers I download? Are the papers unique and well-written? And do you publish works that students order through your custom writing service?

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StudentShare team
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Hello! Thank you for your interest. Let us clarify how to use our service to its best.

✔ Our service is 100% legal. You are free to use all papers in the database for research and study purposes. Our goal is to make your study not only simpler but more efficient, so we offer you one more resource of ideas, formatting examples, and topic prompts - the online essay database. 

We have works contributed by the students from all over the world. So you have a chance to find out viewpoints of students from different countries and continents about the subject of your interest. Mainly we receive works from countries with English-focused education: U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, and more.

✔ You can, and you should use the samples from the database for your study. Basically, StudentShare is another source for your research. If you need to come up with a topic, if you cannot think of more arguments for your essay, if you don’t know what literature to use for your research paper, you have an ace up your sleeve - about 1 mln samples of academic works. 

✔ You may copy the text of samples. You can use extracts of samples in your paper. To do so, you need to paste the text as a citation and make a reference to the cited document in the database (link to the website). If you copy and paste the text without proper citation, your professor can consider it to be plagiarism.

✔ All the papers are 100% unique. They were checked on plagiarism before publication in the database. However, after publishing, students may use fragments of the samples in their works, what makes the text of examples not unique. All papers are written by the students so the quality may vary.

✔ Under no circumstances, we will publish your work without your permission. All works ordered by students belong to the students, and only students themselves can initiate publication of their papers in the database.

If you have any further hesitations, please write us at [email protected] or just publish another question.

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