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The government should prohibit the production of cigarettes - Essay Example

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The Government Should Prohibit the Production of Cigarettes Name Student ID number Course name Date Word count 1172 Cigarette smoking greatly affects the health of the smokers especially in the Netherlands and Europe. As a result of this affirmative actions’ should be carried out to prohibit the production of cigarettes in the respective countries…
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The government should prohibit the production of cigarettes
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"The government should prohibit the production of cigarettes"

Download file to see previous pages With this information, the essay affirmatively agrees that the government should prohibit the production of drugs, especially in the European Union and the Netherlands. Smoking cigarettes has adverse effects especially on the health of the smoker. Smoking reduces the health of an individual by affecting nearly every organ in the body. Smoking causes chronic obstructive lung diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis (Ruiz, Strain, & Lowinson, 2011). Research has shown that, smoking of tobacco causes more death every year compared to other diseases such as HIV/AIDS and motor vehicle accidents. This is because smoking tobacco causes lung cancer, which is incurable if not noticed at its early stages. Tobacco is an addictive drug so once the user starts using it becomes hard for him or her to stop thus causing adverse negative effects on the health of the user. Smoking of tobacco causes different types of cancer they include cancer of the esophagus, kidney cancer, cancer of the larynx, cancer of the oral cavity, stomach cancer and bladder cancer. Cigarette smoking has adverse effects on early childhood and reproduction especially to women who smoke. It causes infertility, preterm delivery, low birth weight, and stillbirth (King & Brucker, 2011). Research has shown that women who smoke have an increased risk of hip fracture compared to women who have never smoked. Recent research has shown that, students who smoke perform lower than students who do not smoke (Ruiz, Strain, & Lowinson, 2011). This is because smoking causes mental disorders especially among the college students. It also causes depressive disorder, which generally affects the students’ performance. The National Institute on Drug Abuse in their research concluded that, smoking causes mental disorders especially among young adults and adolescents (Lapointe, 2008). College students who smoke are likely to participate in behaviors, which pose great health effects. Smoking of cigarettes results to respiratory infections and asthma. Exposure to environmental tobacco has also adverse effects to both the smokers and nonsmokers. The environmental protection agency classifies it as a group, a carcinogen. This carcinogen causes lung cancer to both smokers and nonsmokers. This means that, cigarettes affect both smokers and nonsmokers because of the release of harmful substances from the cigarettes such as ammonia, nicotine and carbon monoxide. With these effects there is a need to implement measures to prohibit the production of cigarettes. In the Netherlands, there are laws that have been set to prohibit smoking tobacco in public transport and public building (Blanpain & Anderson, 2005). In the year 2004, the Netherland government said that, every employee has a right to work in a smoke free zone without being affected by smoke from the other people. In the year 2008, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Europe was the first smoke free airport. This means that, the government worked towards prohibiting the smoking of cigarettes in public places. The smoke free law applied to all public places in the Netherlands, especially in hotels and restaurants (Rom & Markowitz, 2007). In the Netherlands, all forms of sponsorship, promotions, and advertising of cigarettes were prohibited. This ensured that cigarettes did not have a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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