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Describe local and organizational policies relevant to the prevention and control of infection

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Infection refers to the invasion of the body of an organism by disease-causing agents such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses among others. Diseases resulting from infections are known as an infectious disease as they are transmissible. Because of being communicable diseases, they call for both local and organization response via various policies.

Local Policies

Regarding the control, local administration should educate the public about the need to observe healthy living through personal hygiene such as washing of hands, eating well-cooked means, reporting any unique diseases, and proper disposal of wastes. As well, local health care providers should provide training regarding the symptoms of infections to ensure prompt prevention efforts. Every community member should be enlightened on the need to safeguard others and not allowing personal infections to spread.

Organizational Policies

Policies under organization entail standards for protecting employees from contracting diseases through infection. The policies control and prevention of infections in the organization include workplace health and safety policy, policy on control of hazardous health substances, and report of infection incident. As such, all employees should ensure their personal health causes no risk to others and ensure clean hand wash while serving others, giving individual care, and even in the preparation of meals. Regarding hazardous substances, any substance likely to cause infections should be kept away from harboring infections. A correct storage that corresponds to COSHH should be adopted to deter spillage or ingestion of chemical hazards. Lastly, any slight notice of communicable disease should be reported immediately.

updated 1 year ago

There also are several legislations, that are regulating the prevention and control of infection. You’d probably want to include them in your research on the topic. Among them:

  1. Public health act (infectious diseases) 1984, regulations 1988
  2. COSHH 2002
  3. RIDDOR 1995
  4. Food safety act 1990
  5. Environmental protection (duty of care) regulations 1991
  6. Health protection agency bill, hazardous waste regulations 2005
  7. NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guideline 2003

Hope it helps you in your research!

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