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How to encourage and reward positive behavior?

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Positive behavior creates the appropriate atmosphere for studying and leisure at a nursery, kindergarten or even at home, though one shall remember that positive behavior isn’t formed within one day.
Encouraging positive behavior is possible in many ways. One can praise the child for achievements, for help, for some work done. This awakens positive emotions in a child and stimulates him/her to work more to achieve more.
Children also learn from each other. When they see others being encouraged and rewarded, they will do the same to get the reward. Some though are trying to use the bad behavior to attract attention, while those who are positively behaved, stay without attention. It is crucial for a teacher to give more attention to those who behave positively if the teacher wishes to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
Positively behaved children are aimed at the achievement. By being rewarded, they strive to be more successful and to study and to work more. Positive behavior is also the thing that helps teachers concentrate on their job and increases the productivity of a class.
Positive behavior isn’t formed by the school only as it is a complex thing, and consistency is important. A child, whose parents accentuate their attention only on drawbacks and child`s failures, cannot develop positive behavior.
Hence, positive behavior is crucial for the child`s development, mental as well as physical, and encouraging and rewarding it helps the child to develop properly.

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When it comes to behavior, it is always easy to focus on what we don’t want to be done by children. The problem with this approach is that it won’t help children to understand what we want them to be doing. That is a good reason to try encouraging positive behavior. A good starting point would be setting goals on positive behavior and plan the details why and when you should support your children. You also might need techniques for positive behaviors, like rewards, attention, praise, star charts, giving responsibility, treats, stickers, timing, explanation, and public acknowledgment.

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