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How to write matrix critique paper

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The word ‘critique’ is usually interpreted negatively even though this is a wrong assumption. The aim of a critique paper is to evaluate what is right and wrong about the object of discussion. The essay has to give a fair assessment to all the parts of a text, object, movie, etc.

First of all, you have to be aware of the object you are writing about. Watch the movie (if you haven’t) or watch it one more time. Try to get the main idea of it. Evaluate it as a viewer. Was everything clear? Did you like it? Did you find it engaging and entertaining?

So, if you have to write a critique paper on Matrix movie, I would suggest you the following structure:

  1. Give the general description of the film and its creator, mention important dates and a short history of creation. It is very tempting to assume everybody knows the movie and skip this part. Still, it is needed. You may wonder how many people have no idea what Matrix is about. Mentioning a target audience is also a high point, do not omit it.
  2. Write a summary of a plot. A good step to ‘warm up’ before writing a critique. And it will also structurize your thoughts and shape out the analysis points. Still, hold back from giving any kind of evaluation at this point. Make the narration as straightforward and logical, as possible.
  3. The third paragraph of your essay is the best place to start expressing the critique points. Think of the advantages and disadvantages of the form, presentation, elements, details, plot, history, etc. Answer the question, whether the author gave enough of interpretations to understand the main idea clearly.
  4. Express your agreement and disagreement with the creator of the movie. Develop your thoughts on what could be done in a better way. Find out the ideas which were borrowed. Explain, why it was a right or a wrong decision. Put in some citations from other critique works on Matrix.
  5. Sum it all up in the last, fifth paragraph. Restate the main points of your critique essay, the agreements, and objections. Avoid expressing new ideas here. If you suddenly come up with an additional argument at this stage, just go back to the paragraphs 3 or 4 and put it in there. The fifth paragraph is always a summary of everything written before.

Additional advice. Do not get overwhelmed with emotions. Read other materials and guides on how to write critique papers. Do a thorough research and find other people expressing their opinions about Matrix movie in the form of a critical essay. Read student essays to have the better understanding of a structure and ideas students express on the topic. Relying on those paper examples, write your own writing. Make it well-structured, precise and consistent.

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