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updated 9 months ago

describe the main points of agreed procedures about handling medication

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updated 10 months ago

When handling medication it is vitally important to follow the organizational policies and keep in line with the law. This is done to ensure the safety of provider and user. Handling medication includes ordering, storing, transportation, receiving, administration and recording a disposal. It is important to track all the changes in policies and legislation, to stay informed and work due to the codes of conduct. Also, the workers should be well-trained to perform the work correctly. If someone is asked to distribute medication without training, it is considered to be unsafe and may be punished by law if detected.

It is also needed to follow all the instructions and procedures when storing medication. Those directions are stored under COSHH Regulations 2002. You need to check them out. Manufacturer's instructions in storing should also be followed precisely.

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updated 11 months ago

As it was mentioned in the previous answer, the main point is to follow the rules, written by a service provider.

Also, it is necessary to be aware of such procedures as ordering, receiving, storing, administering, transfer, and disposal.

Foremost, it is required to control ordering and receiving drugs. These processes should be quick.

Secondly, a vital moment is storing medications. Drugs should be stored in the appropriate place according to the instruction, or the individual might keep it if it's self-administering.

Furthermore, ensure that each person gets the right medication in a proper dose. Treatment is required to be accurate because it's a question of life.

Besides, you should acknowledge the safe medication disposal. Ask a pharmacy where you can bring the unwanted drugs to avoid troubles.

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