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Best Nursing Practices when Transfusing Blood Products - Research Paper Example

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The present research describes the importance of safe and effective delivery of blood transfusion products along with the safety of the blood product itself. It is necessary to have the information and knowledge about the potential risk and side effects while transfusing blood components. …
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Best Nursing Practices when Transfusing Blood Products
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing is a profession of the highest realm with unconditional love for mankind. Professionals are expected to show a degree of special attainment, altruism, and self-sacrifice in their dealings with the rest of the community and in return receive privileges both in the workplace and at large. Nurses work in multidisciplinary professional teams with doctors and therapists. Teamwork in nursing practice refers to interdisciplinary practice or collaboration defined as a joint decision-making and communication process with the goal of satisfying the needs of the patient. This includes respecting the unique abilities of each professional involved in the care.
Nurses should be equipped with the all the needed information to complete all the tasks to work with the patients, families and colleagues in a safe, efficient manner. To deal effectively with the issues of patients nurse should have multiple skills. The attitude of the nurse affects their daily judgments, decisions, and efficiency. It is necessary to synthesize the required attitude, patient-focused systematic approach and purposeful clinical learning to deliver the needed result. Nurses should have ability to react quickly and take instant decision when needed. They should have capability to think laterally and work under tension. These qualities are needed for handling patients who are in crisis. Nurses are continuously physically and mentally challenged. They should able to handle every tough situation with focus, strength, stamina and heightened alertness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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