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The systems of medication administration using bar codes were developed with an aim of reducing drug administration errors a long side associated costs as well as to enhance patient safety. This is possible via safe medication administration which is essential to guarantee…
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Database Plan: Barriers to Bar-Code Medication Administration
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Download file to see previous pages The respective Entity relationship diagram and illustration of relationships are shown at the appendix after references.
There are various barriers that affect Bar-Code medication Administration (BCMA). First is the lack of system or technology acceptance by users who are nurses in this case. The acceptance of technology is normally a prerequisite for the adoption of technology such as bar code medication implementation. This technology acceptance is based on ease of use as well as usefulness. Another issue is that the implementation of this kind of technology for bar code medication can easily disrupt work routines, thus making it difficult for the administration part of it (Taliercio et al., 2014).
Next is the lack of involvement by nurses/users during implementation process. This reduces their chance of understanding how the bar code system works. As a result, they end up having a negative attitude towards it. Failure to understand a new technology and its operations implies high probability of making errors or inefficient usage by the respective users. There is also lack of effective and efficient communication amid those involved. This makes it difficult to analyze the problem of implementation part of bar code technology to be used for medical administration in addition to weaknesses and solutions involved (Taliercio et al., 2014).
Lack of thorough analysis or examination or the existing norms, standards and work culture involved can also make the bar code medical administration system to fail in terms of how to administer its operations. Since the introduction, of such technology leads to the change of workflow as mentioned above, failure to redesign the workflow can also result to implementation failure, thus making medical administration hard. Other barriers include lack of good support as a way of making users such as super-user nurses feel comfortable during implementation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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