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Achieving HIMSS Level 7 EMR Implementation - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Achieving HIMSS Level 7 EMR Implementation” concerns a major evolution of Metro Hospital, which has invested heavily in clinical and operational optimization, enhancements, and developing of a “new breed” of IT staff and try to calculate the perspective of payback on these investments…
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Achieving HIMSS Level 7 EMR Implementation
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Extract of sample "Achieving HIMSS Level 7 EMR Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages You are certainly driven to achieve it. Using the below points, outline how you intend on achieving this.
Outline what you would do in your analysis and planning when you first start;
Articulate your strategy and timeframes to reach ‘fully digital’ status. What technical factors would you need to consider when building your Electronic Health Record and why are these important?  HINT: standards, terminologies? What systems would you use to support your strategy? What types of resources would you employ? How would you govern and manage the project? What risks do you see? How does your strategy align with that of Queensland and that of Australia?
This report delineates a roadmap to achieving a HIMSS level 7 EMR for Metro Hospital, Brisbane by 2005. Healthcare information management systems society (HIMSS) level 7 identifies the ultimate level of electronic medical record capabilities “full digital status” depicting a paperless electronic medical record (EMR) environment (, 2011). The process of achieving the Stage 7 being long, which have to pass through eight stages, and a higher stage can be awarded only after a lower stage is achieved successfully; even if Stage 7 is achieved by 2025 would provide a significant edge to Metro Hospital. The accomplishment would indicate that Metro Hospital is providing high-quality patient care with an interoperable electronic medical record in place.
This status will offer the Metro Hospital the recognition that the hospital has been working in a collaborative work environment wherein the entire organization has invested its effort towards achieving a more integrated, safer and more efficient way of delivering care to its patients, using information technology (HIMSS Analytics, 2011). 
The report will demonstrate analysis and planning for achieving full digital status, by clearly articulating the strategies to be adopted and timeframe to reach full digital status. It will also delineate the technical factors that are to be considered while building the electronic health record (EHR) explaining why these are important. The report will also describe the systems that would be used to support the strategy and the resources to be employed. The details of governance and management of the project along with the risks therein will also be covered. Finally, it will delineate a discussion on how the adopted strategy aligns with that of Queensland in particular and that of Australia in General. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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