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Final Research Project EMR Implementation/Adoption in China - Assignment Example

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This essay talks that the fast pace of speed with which the world is moving from a conventionally manual state into a digitised state is fast catching up with the healthcare sector. The methodology chapter of the research is dedicated to the presentation of methods used in collecting data…
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Final Research Project EMR Implementation/Adoption in China
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Extract of sample "Final Research Project EMR Implementation/Adoption in China"

Download file to see previous pages There is a description of the participants involved in the study. This is done by focusing on the target population and the sampling procedures used in selecting the sample from among the population. After this, the researcher gives very detailed analysis of the characteristics of the population and the sample size, which includes justifications for the chosen sample and the number of participants involved in the study. There is also extensive discussion of the geographic location used in the study and why it was thought to be the best option for the researcher. Any limitations faced with the geographic location and how these were addressed is all presented as part of the chapter. Also, the researcher gives a detailed analysis of the instrumentation used for the collection of data in the study.
This report makes a conclusion that the target population of the study refers to all people within the research setting with whom there is some probability or chance of including in the study. In the current research, the research setting was the Chinese healthcare system. Information available from the Chinese health ministry indicates that China operates a multi-layered medical insurance system. This multi-layered medical insurance system directly affects the larger health system where there attendant medical healthcare provisions given to urban employees, urban residents, and rural cooperatives (quote). Preliminary data collected through literature review showed that the medical health outcomes with each of these three layers are often different. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Research Project EMR Implementation/Adoption in China Assignment.
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