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Goal statement: As a nurse educator, my practicum experience goal is to positively contribute to the nursing field by using core competencies I have gained during my nurse educator program in helping nursing students understand the importance of safety in drug…
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Practicum project
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Download file to see previous pages In 2007, alone the death rate stood at 7,000. This concern led to the Institute of Medicine to come up with a report dubbed “Preventing Medication Errors” (Hughes & Blegen, 2007). The report emphasized on the need to practice safe medication administration. Six years later, the problem still exists and there although many measures have been put in place, there are still cases of unsafe drug administration in chemist, hospitals, and pharmacies. It is for this reason that I have gained a lot of interest in the field of pharmacology. Therefore, as a nurse educator my aim is to bring change into the nursing field by ensuring that my students gain a comprehensive understanding in safe administration of medicine. As a nurse educator in pharmacology, I have had to read extensively on the current situation concerning pharmacology and the arising issues and changes in the nursing field related to medication.
The process of medicine administration is continuously becoming complex because of the continuous production and discovery of new drugs in the market. The number of prescribed medicine per patients is also playing a major role in this trend (Garrett & Craig, 2008). Another important factor that is playing a key factor in the medication field is the rapid change in medical technology and the several procedures and policies that have come up. Over the years, as I have progressed with my career I have come to discover that pharmacology, either as a course or part of a course for a nursing education is a very important element for any health care practitioner. A safe medication process and use are two essential principles that contribute towards a “safe use of pharmacological agents in perioperative clinical practice” (Hicks, Wanzer, & Goeckner, 2011). According to Hicks, Wanzer, and Goeckner (2011), proper use of medication involves the following steps obtaining, prescribing, recording, dispensing, administering, and finally monitoring. However, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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