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updated 9 months ago

explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

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updated 10 months ago

This is a very broad question. Communication is vital need of a human being, so no wonder we also need to communicate at the workplace, even though our job responsibilities sometimes do not demand that. Still, we need to talk about our ideas, look for help in making decisions, or simply get a pleasant break from work and have a small talk while a coffee break.

There are two general types of leading communication, and those are positive and negative manner.

No need to explain, that a negative manner of communication at work won't ever lead to nice and friendly relationships with the co-workers. Even when a misunderstanding appears, or there is something you disagree, there is no need to be negative about it. Expressing your opinion in a clear and calm manner will help you to argue your point much more, than criticism and expressing yourself in a rude manner. Being able to lead a constructive dialog demands a lot of self-control, but is still possible and presents you as a wise person and worthy to listen to.

A positive manner of communication doesn't mean flattering, being over-polite and forget about your interests at a workplace. Positive manner means respect to colleagues and to yourself, the ability to hold back your emotions, being constructive and being able to praise someone's good idea with due expressions and not being envy.

Good communication at work can serve you well. When you come up with a good idea, you will be able to find support among co-workers. If you got stuck with something, you can always get help. If you did a mistake, nobody will judge or blame you. Instead, you will get a good feedback and a possibility to improve yourself.

A positive manner of communication, if is taken as a rule at work, leads to a healthy working environment. A workplace is a place where people spend the most part of a day, so it is vital to keep them satisfied with working relations, help to avoid stress and conflicts.

updated 1 year ago

Communication is the most significant element of every relationship. In the work environment, the way you build communication with your co-workers (customers, users, employees, etc.) creates the way you feel yourself at work. It is important, for at work you spend most of your time, so the quality of this time should be positive for you to stay motivated and full of energy. 
Stress and conflicts do decrease your performance, thus leading to different issues, like depression, lack of motivation, etc. 
So, a positive communication at work is a better way to go. The best thing here, it usually depends on you and the way you prefer to talk to people.

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