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The level of entry of the employee and the organizational environment will determine which skills are integral for the employee. For instance, if the employee is a manager, team work would be…
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Soft skills vs. hard skills
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Soft versus hard skills Hard and soft skills are important for business, organization and personal development. The level of entry of the employee and the organizational environment will determine which skills are integral for the employee. For instance, if the employee is a manager, team work would be important soft skills for the worker because it leads to creation of effective teams. The level of entry of the employee will influence the types of skills necessary for success. Hard skills would also apply in the case because they influence the communication process. The development of soft skills is imperative for business development and growth. Over the years in learning, individuals are able to develop the hard skills required for business growth. Language development is achieved during the process leading to success in the acquisition of the hard skills. However, soft skills require the individual to be able to achieve greatness through personal development and growth (Klaus, 2009, p. 23). Soft skills may not be easy to evaluate, but is revealed in the way a business manager or owner make a decision or relate with the customers. Hard skills may be easily rectified through training, but the soft skills take a longer time to be achieved or developed. Therefore, soft skill development is integral in business operations and development.
Imperative hard skills are taught in some programs offered by universities and colleges. These hard skills require that the professional must have the prerequisite soft skills making soft skills vital in the business field. Effective language is an integral hard skill, which leads to understanding of the materials and the oral communication process (Rao, 2010, p. 56). For example, if the employee is tasked with dealing with customer issues such as the customer relations department, professional communication skills would be integral in process. The specific role given to the customer would influence the hard and soft skills required in the completion of the specific task. In addition, the speaking skills and presentation of the major points in the process is vital in communication. The ability to understand the basic mathematical concepts are vital in the business is vital for employees in the management level. Therefore, the level and task associated with the employee will influence the prerequisite skills. The basic numeracy skills are vital because it allows the understanding of the charts and graphs presented. Computer usage in the world has led to the need for the business professional to have basic computer skills (Klaus, 2009, p. 63). Programs power point, Excel, email and Internet have become a common practice for the business environment. Despite the importance of the hard skills illustrated in the paragraph, it is vital to state that the soft skills play an integral part in the development of the hard skills.
Soft skills by definition refer to the collection of the social, communication and self-management behavior of individuals in the society. Therefore, soft skills play an integral part in the development of hard skills. They are noteworthy because they define the leadership style of an individual which leads to the definition of the organization culture and communication. Professional communication skills are a vital part of the soft skills, which is essential for team leader and public relations officer. The role and nature of the work allocated to the employee would influence the types of skills integral for development. They define the challenge of the effectiveness of communication in the work place (Rao, 2010, p. 54). Professional communication skills are vital in the negotiation process, influencing, counselling or interviewing process. The development of the above skills is vital in the business leadership structure and human resource management. Human resource management requires effective communication process to ensure the information is passed across as intended. Cultural differences affect the development of soft skills. Culture based communication and soft skills include abilities and behaviors that may be basic or complex depending on the professional requirement (Bhatnagar, 2012, p. 12). The development of the soft skills help in defining leadership based on individuals and the need for the development of the hard skills to accompany the soft skills to achieve success in the business.
The challenge of soft skills is that they cannot be quantified and depend on the environment and can be seen. The necessary soft skills include communication, teamwork, flexibility, time management and motivation. These skills influence effective groups or team development in the organization. Hard skills may not yield much if not accompanied with the soft skills which lead to the development of the effective teams in the organization. The level of entry of the employee and the nature of his work will influence the necessary hard and soft skills required.
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