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This paper declares that today the world is competitive in nature and this call for the work environment to be more cooperative, collaborative and be more understanding when it comes to culture. Culture is what an individual believes in, acquired from generation to generation. …
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Advancing Cultural Mindset and Integration
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Download file to see previous pages To have a global mindset helps individuals to think widely and to work with people from different cultures. For example, global managers are different from the local managers due to their state of mind and the ability to work across boundaries and appreciating cross culture. Therefore, to have a difference in mindset and approach to problem-solving makes one has the ability to work internationally. In addition, individuals should not assume that their way of doing things is right. It is important to understand how people operate in this complex world. Moreover, having a global mindset entails the willingness of an individual to adjust their behavior and way of thinking. If an individual keeps on doing what they are used to, they miss opportunities to become successful.
There are various ways used to integrate varied perspectives to be successful in a culturally diverse society. Firstly, one needs to understand and appreciate the acquired culture. This entails learning how people communicate, how they make decisions, and generally how they do things. This will help solve the cultural differences among the different employees and the executive team. Secondly, organizations need to put in place a cultural integration plan. This will help identify the strengths of the different employees as well as identify where the big risks are and to have plans for mitigating them For instance, it will help identify managers who are struggling with their new teams and which teams have a difficulty in working within their limits. Thirdly, it is important for organizations to evolve culture. This entails educating people to overcome the justifiable ‘us’ and ‘them’ culture and instead embrace the ‘we’ culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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