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updated 9 months ago

explain how to support others to understand the need for secure handling of information

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updated 10 months ago

This is something you can do by following an example of a training for newbies. You need to explain how one should handle information, why there is the need to keep it confidential, how a person should treat confidential documentation, etc. Secure handling of information is vital for every organization. You should be familiar with main laws and rules, regulating the issue, for example, like in this essay. You are free to think of obvious things: how can you explain the importance of securing data within the organization, which examples will you give and so on. I can also recommend a paper on Securing online data, for it is also getting more and more important, especially in business.

updated 11 months ago
First of all, you should explain the importance of security. Now, companies create many tricks to get the valuable personal data. The purposes are different, e.g., for advertising. How many times you've noticed adverts on TV after googling 'tv buy online'?
Each company should work in line with laws and standards of storing information. Still, we have many accidents of information leak or insecure handling of personal data.
Be sure that people you try to explain the need for secure handling know their rights and responsibilities.
Also, define what a personal data is. You should ensure that people DO understand which information they can share and what facts they shouldn't leave where anyone can access it.
Give the proper examples of nowadays for better understanding the conditions.
You can support awareness and, maybe, prevent a few situations of data tracking, following these rules.
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