Integrated system design for cloud enterprise network and a secure BYOD - Essay Example

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The use of mobile devices have made the introduction of BOYD to organizations simpler, because organizations do not provide BYOD devices, rather they allow employees to use their own…
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Integrated system design for cloud enterprise network and a secure BYOD
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BYOD By + Definition of Key Words for BYOD Mobile Technology Consumerization of IT as a trend has improved with the introduction of modern mobile devices. The use of mobile devices have made the introduction of BOYD to organizations simpler, because organizations do not provide BYOD devices, rather they allow employees to use their own mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Mobile devices have made the implementation of the BYOD technology simpler and less bound by time and physical boundaries, as employees can share can share and receive information on its cloud network on time regardless of their location (Hayes & Kotwica, 2013, 19).
Cloud enterprise network
A cloud enterprise network is a network that leverages cloud services for an organization to enable organizations to store and transfer information through a closed network. Cloud enterprise networks only require the organization to have an internet connection and either wired or wireless private physical infrastructure (such as computers and mobile devices). A cloud enterprise network allows employees to access files, applications and printers from any location and on any device.
Bring Your Own Device
BYOD is a phrase that has gained wide adoption in reference to employees who bring their personal devices to work in order to use them for connectivity and use on the company’s secure corporate network. Employees use their own smartphones, PDAs, laptops and tablets for use at the workplace. Surveys indicate that allowing employees to use their personal devices to access the organization’s private information and applications contributes to an increase in convenience and productivity of employees (Hayes & Kotwica, 2013, 26).
Integrated Computing System
An integrated computing system is a system involving an organization combining component subsystems with software applications both functionally and physically to function in coordination. Organizations use the integrated computing system together with their cloud network in BYOD to store information as well as transfer files in a secure way. Unauthorized persons are restricted from accessing organizations’ integrated computing systems through different measures.
Security of the organization’s network is an important factor to consider in the implementation of BYOD (Hayes & Kotwica, 2013, 28). Despite the fact that using personal devices for BYOD causing security concerns, many organizations that have adopted BYOD implement a security policy for their networks to assist their respective Information Technology teams to quell such concerns. Organizations have implemented several measures to boost their BYOD security. Such policies are such as Mobile device management, application virtualization and containerization.
With the advent of mobile technology, organizations have widely adopted BYOD within their systems as a method to boost both productivity and morale of their employees, according to surveys. However, it is imperative for organizations to implement relative measures to ensure that the entire computer system on which the organizations run to protect both the hardware and software from access by unauthorized persons. Companies need to address the threats brought by BYOD in its IT strategy and formulate better ways of securing the cloud network even from the mobile devices’ end. Organizations should also include a BYOD policy in employee contracts to ensure inclusivity in efforts to protect the BYOD, the cloud system and the entire integrated computer network.
Hayes, B. and Kotwica, K. (2013). Bring your own device (BYOD) to work. 1st ed. Oxford: Elsevier. Read More
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