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Advanced Management and Design in Yotsuba Group - Assignment Example

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This report “Advanced Management and Design in Yotsuba Group” acknowledges the fact that there are two types of networks that will be implemented in this setting. The report proposes that the company adopts a wired and wireless type of network system infrastructure…
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Advanced Management and Design in Yotsuba Group
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Extract of sample "Advanced Management and Design in Yotsuba Group"

Download file to see previous pages Before the implementation of this type of network, this report acknowledges the fact that there are two types of networks that will be implemented in this setting. The report proposes that the company adopts a wired and wireless type of network system infrastructure (Akyildiz, Wang, & Wang 2005, p 123).
This organization is highly reliant on a computer network. The downtime cost may be extremely high. The information technology department will be responsible for the maintenance and upgrades of the computer network (Biswas & Morris 2004, p 234).
The greatest concern with the implementation of a wireless network is the security that will need to be implemented when installing an enterprise wireless LAN. Therefore, this document is aimed at providing a technical guidance to Yotsuba Group for the proposed deployment for the Wireless LAN (WLAN)
Other floors will contain an equal population. Since the organization has a population of 290 employees, the network designers will work on the assumption that each floor will have an approximate number of 40 employees per floor. It will also be impossible to set individual offices for these employees, therefore, they will have an open office which will be structured in the following way;
Each flow will have a design that will approximate;y have the same capacity. They will be wired and wireless connections to facilitate those employees who choose to come to work with their own computing devices. The figure below represents the cubicle arrangement that will accommodate four individuals. This, therefore, means that there will be 10 such cubicles in one flow with both a wired connection and wireless connections.
The following questions were important before the deployment of the wireless network connection that would fit the needs of the 8 floor newly acquired Yotsuba Group building (Forman, &Zahorjan, 2004, p 214). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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