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In most cases, the intelligence quotient score of male and female differ due to lack of similarities in the different gender cognitive and behavioral conditions. More so, male have good intelligent quotient scores on things pertaining mathematical questions whereas female…
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Statistics on Intelligence Quotient Score Statistics on Intelligence Quotient Score In most cases, the intelligence quotient score of male and female differ due to lack of similarities in the different gender cognitive and behavioral conditions. More so, male have good intelligent quotient scores on things pertaining mathematical questions whereas female perform better on questions on reading and verbal skills. Considerably, intelligence quotient scores are influential in determining people’s communication, creativity, learning, problem solving ability, reaction time, reasoning, visualization and memory holding capability (Kanazawa, 2010). Notably, histograms are indispensable in tabulating and analysis of data acquired from the intelligent quotient scores of both males and females varying results. In addition, it gives details on the mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, class width and skewness of the intelligent quotient scores of both male and females. Considerably, histograms are significant in showing the distribution of data thus, it is essential to establish the differences that occur in the intelligent quotient scores of both male and females.
More than often, female are agreeable and open with their feelings as compared to their male counterparts who are assertive. As a result, the intelligent quotient tests that require details on information about a person’s openness, empathy and facial expression make females more likely to score highly than males, because in nature, they give detail information and are skilful in verbal communication. On the other hand, the male will give less information and as a result, score poorly in the intelligent quotient test. In addition, the memory holding capability of both males and females differ because the male counterparts have the ability to recall encounters masculine in nature and scores highly as such, if the intelligence quotient test asked are dealing with events of masculine’s nature. On the other hand, females have the ability to remember experiences, faces and names of individuals and places (Garlick, 2003). As a result, female participants score highly in intelligent quotient tests that incorporate questions dealing with remembering events and experiences they encountered before hence scoring highly than their males counterparts.
Extensively, males are proficient in things that involves mental rotation and mathematical in nature (Dykiert, Gale & Deary, 2007). As a result, tests set with mathematical calculation makes the males comfortable and tackle them with much ease and score highly than the females. In addition, many females feel timid and do not want to involve themselves with issues pertaining solving mathematical problems hence score poorly in those intelligent quotient tests. More so, aggression plays a critical factor in determining the differences in intelligence quotient scores. As such, males are more aggressive and achieve highly on aggression intelligent quotient than their females’ counterparts.
Significantly, histograms use remains essential in the representation of data acquired from intelligent quotient scores of both the female and male gender. More so, histogram provides an easy-to-read picture of information and variation of data (Hamish, Duffy & Denby 2006). As a result, it easier to analyses the information availed and give the trends of both males and females intelligent quotient scores. In addition, it avails information about the mean, mode, median, standard deviation and degree of skewness of intelligent quotient scores on each aspect tested. Because of this, comparison of information is easier because each females and males intelligent quotient scores on various aspects tested has average mark, the middle number and most appearing number.
On the other hand, individuals sometime can distort the figure in the histogram to give different results from the information that differ with actual intelligent quotient scores. As a result, people can misinterpret the information in the histogram depending on how they will understand it (Garlick, 2003). In addition, histograms with many bars are difficult to understand these make individuals interpret the information tabulated according to their perception and distort the purpose of the histogram of the intelligent quotient scores (Dykiert, Gale & Deary, 2007).
In conclusion, histograms play a critical role in tabulating of intelligent quotient test of males and females. More so, information portrayed in the histograms clearly indicates the difference in the intelligent quotient scores of males and females thus, assist individuals to understand test results. As a result, making analysis becomes easier based on observation of information on intelligent quotient scores in terms of learning, aggression, visualization, emotional, memory capability, concept formation, visual identification, matching pattern, language comprehension and multi tasking.
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Kanazawa, S. (2010) Evolutionary Psychology and Intelligence Research. American Psychologist. 65(4): 279–289 Read More
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