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Stat-Final Project - Essay Example

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A 15-year longitudinal study of 369 children originally classified in second grade as exhibiting or not exhibiting behaviors commonly associated with attention deficit disorder was made and diagnostic data were collected on these children in second, fourth, and fifth grades and…
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Stat-Final Project
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, study suggested that students showing higher GPA score have less chance of showing attention deficit disorder that is there is inverse association between GPA score and ADD score.
A number of studies have attempted to examine the long-term progenies of the attention deficit disorder (ADD). Substantial attention has been paid that grade point average (GPA) score of the students are related with the attention deficit disorder (ADD) score, and gender and English level of students have an effect on grade point average score of students. Attention deficit disorder is associated with an increased risk for drug involvement and confers a poorer level of psychosocial functioning (Realmuto et. al., 2009). Therefore, it has a negative effect on students grade point average (GPA) score.
This study will examine the relationship between GPA score and attention deficit disorder (ADD)-like behavior score. In addition, the effect of gender and English level (remedial, general and college preparatory English level students) on GPA score of students will be also analyzed and discussed. According to Howell, Huessy & Hassuk (1985), this study differs from most follow-up studies in two ways. First, it begins with a total sample of all children of a given age in number of schools, therefore, capable of comparing children who do and do not exhibit attention deficit disorder (ADD)-like behavior. Second, it deals with a predominantly rural and small-town population, whereas previous studies have mainly focused on urban populations.
Participants were 216 students (54% boys, 46% girls) from one of 18 schools in northwestern Vermont. The schools were chosen in such a way to produce a reasonable cross section of rural schools within 40 miles of Burlington, VT. Age at first assessment, family background, racial/ethnic identity and other background variables were not assessed.
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Stat-Final Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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