Effects of Acculturation among the Filipinos - Research Paper Example

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In numerous researches carried out in America, I tried to investigate how acculturation affects the level of education and employment opportunities and its effects and related health conditions in California among the Filipinos. …
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Effects of Acculturation among the Filipinos
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Download file to see previous pages They are a product of the US colony and are proficient English speakers have long been integrated in the US culture. That is they have adapted to the US lifestyle, consumption patterns, and other cultural practices. According to Furjita-Roy the effects of education and employment led to several adaptations that the immigrants projected. This study was carried out in a Diego in California by first focusing on examination patterns and academic achievements, ambitions and identity shifts in relation to ethnicity. This is paradoxical because on one hand data from the socioeconomic states indicate that the Filipino immigrants are successful, assimilated, and acculturated. On the other hand, the data based on ethnic identity and the emotional wellbeing has suggested that there exists a concurrent counter trend. It is evident that the Filipino youths have refuted to the idea of assimilative identity, which is the America’s traditions. Furthermore, they register a lower self-esteem and a relatively higher level of depression as compared to the other immigrants in the US. Thus, I argue that the findings raised in this paper have raised many significant questions on the concepts of assimilation especially as an outlined linear process. The linear nature of the process allows it to increase the chances of assimilation and improve the immigrants’ outcome over a period of time and the next generation in US. Therefore, this paper begins with a broader view of the historical context of the migration of the Filipino to the states. In particular, I have concentrated at the research centre, Diego and the socioeconomic state of the Filipino. The research also bases on the varied academic achievements of the Filipinos. I then examine the meaning of growing as a child in San Diego. This focuses on the ethnic identity and the various perceptions that discrimination focuses. Furthermore, the paper deals with the quality of some family relationships and the attached emotions of the well-being. From this analysis on education, it is very clear that gender and race marks the vital aspects of the Filipino lives along which the Filipino immigrants are understood well. Research based on education Socio economic status, achievement, education, and ambition The Filipinos are the largest group among the college professions that are in the middle class group. From recent researches, there are more women among the Filipinos having attained the highest educational achievements, leading to a more sophisticated occupations and higher earnings in the end. From the study, fifty percent of the immigrants’ mother and thirty percent had a college degree. Promotion of workers based on the level of education with 60% of the women in white-collar jobs and 40% men (Azuma 88-89). This is because the Filipino men seem more acculturated as compared to women as they were more likely born in US. In schools, the girls’ grades were relatively higher than that of women in both the T1 and the T2 levels. The girls registered a GPA of 3.16 while boys registered 3.09. Immigrant women had a higher urge to good performance as compared to men. Several reasons have been outline as cause; difference in study habits as girls spent most of their time studying with minimum time spent on watching television. From the study, we can deduce that the Filipinos had higher aspirations in education. Furthermore, parents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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