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Topic: The Quantitative Designs - Essay Example

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The Quantitative Designs Name Institution The Quantitative Designs In quantitative research design, the aim is to find out the correlation between an independent variable and a dependent or the outcome variable in a population. The designs of quantitative research can be either experimental (measured after and before a treatment) or descriptive (measured once)…
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Topic: The Quantitative Designs
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Download file to see previous pages Quasi-experiments are carried out when true experiments are impossible or impractical. They are mostly applied in evaluation research. This type of research is recognized as being invalid of randomization of treatments or subjects. However, there is an attempt that seeks to isolate the treatment. In the quasi experimental research, the body attempts to answer such questions like: “is there an impact caused by the treatment or the involvement (Gravetter and Forzano, 2012)?” The position of a human resource representative is a great choice for an individual who has excellent interpersonal skills and an individual who enjoys working with others to obtain solutions to problems. In an organization, the human resource representatives are accountable for hiring and attracting new staff, managing benefit programs for employees, as well as motivating the available staff to improve production. Human resource personnel are mostly college graduates with degree or courses in human resources and labor relations who work in comfortable and clean environments for the management of a company or an organization. Research Question 1. How can downward communication in an organization be used to influence greater employee engagement? 2. What significant relationship is there between the maternal employment and the government? 3. Would adopting a new integrated reading program improve student performance? The first research question can be answered with a quasi experimental design since it requires comparing two variables. The early childhood programs promote the development of children. Offering a full day care facilitates the employment of mothers who have young children. Social programs provide the health care which is affordable and widely available. This promotes the employment of women making it importantly easier for them to remain in their jobs while their children are still young. If the program is not available to women, it is very evident that all mothers with young children would remain home with their children. This makes them reliability to their husbands and other partners who serve as breadwinners. The specific objective of the research question on this requires identifying a specific government program and its relationship to the availability maternal employment. The specific government program that is comparables as a variable is the early child care program. The provision of care and support for young children can lead to the employment of mothers with young children. The researcher can compare individuals with access to the government subsidizes with another group of people who lack such access. The research may take the comparison of thee two groups of mothers; the first group would comprise of mothers with young children and have an access to the child care program or the government subsidizes. The second variable would be mothers with young children but lack the access to the government subsidiaries or the child care program allowances. The research question therefore seeks to explain that, the availability of the government early childhood program in a country promotes the development of children and if a full-day child care is provided to young children, mothers can therefore get employed and work with their children being taken care of at home. The second research question ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Topic: The Quantitative Designs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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