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Benefits of exercising - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Ross and Thomas performed a review of the existing literature on yoga and its health benefits, and discovered that yoga is one of the best forms of physical exercise on all the factors they measured except for fitness…
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Benefits of exercising
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Extract of sample "Benefits of exercising"

Teacher 2 April Annotated Bibliography Assignment Benefits of Exercise Ross, Alyson, and Sue Thomas. “The health benefits of yoga and exercise: a review of comparison studies.” Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.) 16.1 (2010) : 3-12. 2 Apr 2011. Ross and Thomas performed a review of the existing literature on yoga and its health benefits, and discovered that yoga is one of the best forms of physical exercise on all the factors they measured except for fitness. Thomas and Ross are both lecturers at the School of Nursing at the University of Maryland – Baltimore, both holding R.N. degrees and another higher degree of nursing. The intended audience for this paper is other medical practitioners, especially those involved in the use of alternative medicine. This source provides information on the best types of exercise to perform to gain the most out of the exercise period, and the types of benefits that can be had. Philpott, J, K Houghton, and A Luke. “Physical activity recommendations for children with specific chronic health conditions: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, hemophilia, asthma and cystic fibrosis.” Paediatrics & Child Health 15.4 (2010) : 213-225. 2 Apr 2011. Philpott, Houghton and Luke used available information on exercise science to create a listing of several common childhood ailments and the specific risks and benefits of physical activity related to each of those conditions, in an attempt to provide guidelines for increasing overall health and fitness in children with those illnesses. The authors of this paper are clinical pediatricians, and they are writing for others who practice pediatric medicine. This paper will help me to compare the risks associated with exercise in someone with other medical conditions, so I can better determine whether those individuals will benefit from exercise. Borjesson, Mats et al. “Cardiovascular evaluation of middle-aged/senior individuals engaged in leisure-time sport activities: position stand from the sections of exercise physiology and sports cardiology of the European Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.” European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation: Official Journal of the European Society of Cardiology, Working Groups on Epidemiology & Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology (2011) : n. pag. 2 Apr 2011. Borjesson and a group of other researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy Department of Medicine used the existing body of knowledge for older adults, as well as their personal experience as medical practitioners and researchers, to develop assessment models for exercise in those older adults. Exercise in middle-aged adults is linked to better cardiovascular health, but at high intensity is also linked to sudden death through cardiac arrest. Due to this, Borjesson and his group wrote this paper for other practitioners to assess their patients, as well as to provide an assessment model to be given to the general public to help with self-assessment for the potential risks of exercise. This paper, like the previous, will help me to compare the risks of exercise to the potential benefits and determine who will gain the most from exercise and who should be limiting their physical activity for optimal health. Baltsezak, S, and G Dilliway. “The effects of tai chi class on subjective exercise experiences: a preliminary study in community sports centre settings.” British Journal of Sports Medicine 45.4 (2011) : 336. 2 Apr 2011. Baltsezak and Dilliway surveyed a group of adults referred to Tai Chi classes, in order to determine if Tai Chi class would help individuals who might benefit from group physical exercise. They questioned the participants on the basis of perceived exertion, overall well-being, “psychological distress”, and fatigue, and determined that improved occurred in all categories of health. As Baltsezak and Dilliway work under the British National Healthcare System, they wrote this paper for those in charge of that system, to implement referral to Tai Chi classes as a possibility to be covered under that system. This paper, similarly to the yoga research, will help me compare different types of exercise to each other to determine what the most beneficial types are and what types of exercise individuals find most enjoyable. Read More
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