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Territorial Politics and Health Policy - Assignment Example

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The paper “Territorial Politics and Health Policy” looks at the energy industry, which plays a major role in the development and growth of the United Kingdom economy. The industry contends with a great amount of risk and uncertainty, but the companies focus on the future…
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Territorial Politics and Health Policy
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Download file to see previous pages As much as there is the introduction of new projects in the markets, and new products energy companies have considered the regulatory, environmental concerns to ensure that the products they are releasing to the world are safe.
Therefore, in order to balance the increased need for fuel the energy industry has sought to use other alternative energy sources such as the unconventional sources of energy, renewable energies, biofuels and ways that will improve energy proficiency. Industrialization and globalization have increased pollution in the environment due to the source of energy that companies have turned to because they are cheap (Potter & Biukovic, 2011. P.24). Therefore, creating a need to take measures to ensure that the environment that citizens are living in is clean and conducive. This is because there have been increased complaints about how expensive energy has become on the citizens, as well as, how it has caused adverse side effects on them. For that reason, the energy ministry should the relevant measures to ensure, affordability and conduciveness of the energy and energy products that they give to the public.
United Kingdom politics have been held to be incapable of governing energy. This is because there have been freezing electricity prices that indicated that the energy policy in the UK was in crisis. The crises in the energy policy were held to be required fix that should be done on the dysfunctional energy system. The political arena has not managed to deliver the core objectives that have been set under the energy policies; hence, making it a part of the crisis in the United Kingdom energy policy. This is because slow measures have been taken to mitigate the climate and change, energy security, as well as, affordability. This has, in turn, led to increasingly full and complex tensions between addressing the price issues, important investments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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