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How Helpful Is It to Say that 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way of Life, Being a Contemporary Urban Phenomenon - Assignment Example

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This paper 'How Helpful Is It to Say that 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way of Life, Being a Contemporary Urban Phenomenon?" focuses on the fact that England is known for order and civility but scratch beneath this cultured veneer and one finds layers upon layers of chaos and mayhem. …
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How Helpful Is It to Say that 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way of Life, Being a Contemporary Urban Phenomenon
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Extract of sample "How Helpful Is It to Say that 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way of Life, Being a Contemporary Urban Phenomenon"

Download file to see previous pages The reasoning is not actually entirely untenable, around this period, several world cities had gone up in flames, in some cases literally so, as citizens mostly youths went to the streets to protest against autocracy, police and military brutality and a host of other injustices (Kelly and Gill, 2012). Therefore, the same was happening in the UK could have easily been misconstrued to be a wave of global insurrection and fight against injustice that had found its way to London. However, a critical examination of the riots, what caused them and the historical backdrop in which they happened brings out a radically different picture from the one that has been conventionally perceived. Riots have been so entrenched in the history of Britain that they have more or less become a cultural rather than political phenomenon. In fact one can boldly claim, this paper does, that the 2011 riots were not really part of a larger global uprising but an embodiment and continuation of a long line of riots dating as far back as 900 years ago.

The history of rioting in England particularly in London can be traced back to the 12th century, one of the earliest recorded riots which involved citizens vs. police was followed the massacre of Jews after King Richard was crowned. However, it is a retrospective examination into English rioting would be incomplete without a mention of one of the first “activists” who promote the cause of the poor against the wealthy classes in the face of social and financial inequalities. He was Fitz Osbert a self-styled figure of the poor who would give stirring speeches to the poor and encourage them to break into and pillage the homes of the wealthy. He led several riots in the capital until he was arrested and sentenced to death for his role as a ringleader. During the 13th and 12th centuries, riots were actually not common and even when they did occur; they were easily crushed by the state owing to poor organization. He is most remarkable for the fact that he led organized and well-managed riots and even the state had a difficult time getting to him since he was always surrounded by thousands of poor willing to do his bidding.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Helpful Is It to Say that 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way Assignment.
(How Helpful Is It to Say That 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way Assignment)
How Helpful Is It to Say That 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way Assignment.
“How Helpful Is It to Say That 2011 Riots Are a Part of the English Way Assignment”.
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