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Language Practices in the Arabic Community - Research Paper Example

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The aim of this work is to analyze the main values of the Arabic language in terms of modern linguistic approaches. …
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Language Practices in the Arabic Community
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Extract of sample "Language Practices in the Arabic Community"

Download file to see previous pages The study of Arabic language practices is a process, which includes the total analysis of the language in terms of its morphological and semantic structures as well as the spheres of its application. As Arabic belongs to one of the most complicated languages in the world, it is necessary to analyze its historical background. Speaking about the ancient form of Arabic language, it is first of all revealed in the Muslim’s Holy Book – Quran. “The Qur’an has been kept in Classical Arabic, known as fus’ha, which means ‘the clearly spoken one’ or ‘the language of eloquence’. It is part of the Semitic family of languages, where the defining feature is the use of triconsonantal roots to create words” (Muslim lifestyle, 2012). This quotation is a great evidence of the fact that the first book, which reveals the clear Arabic, is Quran. I consider this Holy Book to be the interesting source for the analysis of the pure Arabic language structure. The classical Arabic is not very different from the ancient form of this language. Many of the roots of Semitic languages are also present in Arabic. In ancient Semitic studies there was a tendency to consider classical Arabic as the most archaic of the Semitic languages. However, by means of comparing Arabic with other Afro-Asian languages, it has been found that much of classical Arabic is not so ancient. “The Arabic of the Quran remained a prestigious and nearly unchanging standard throughout the Islamic world. 3). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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