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Features Of The Victimization Process - Case Study Example

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Personal experiences and the social environment are likely to influence the way of thinking of individuals and their behavior as members of a particular society. The writer of the paper "Features Of The Victimization Process" discusses different aspects of victimization…
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Features Of The Victimization Process
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Extract of sample "Features Of The Victimization Process"

Download file to see previous pages Deterioration of the conditions of life and the lack of effective communication among people, new standards of behavior have been developed while the involvement in criminal activities has become a common phenomenon. Under these conditions, human life is given no particular attention and the violation of rights – which has become a daily problem – is not appropriately addressed. The responses of people to the increase of criminal behavior can be characterized as quite complex; moreover, the exposure of people to criminal actions is differentiated in accordance with a series of criteria; victimization has been used in order to reflect two different issues/ conditions: the level of exposure of a person to criminal activities and the personal experiences of persons that became victims under specific conditions. The current paper focuses on victimization especially regarding its nature as a predictable event. Existing literature has been studied in order to identify the level at which victimization can be predicted – and if there is such a case. It has been revealed that victimization has many chances to be predicted but it is necessary that communication exists between the subject of victimization and a member of his/ her environment otherwise the relevant effort is likely to fail. Another assumption made in the context of this study is the fact that victimization can be interpreted using different criteria; the choice of the appropriate one is not an easy task; in any case, it depends on whether victimization is used in order to explain the personal thoughts of a person or whether it is used for reflecting the psychology of the specific person.
Victimization has two main forms: in its first aspect, victimization is related to the offenses that aim to cause physical damage to a particular person; this is the direct victimization. There is also the indirect victimization – more expanded compared to the direct victimization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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