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Does Bullying Cause Emotional Problems - Article Example

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The purpose of this study “Does Bullying Cause Emotional Problems?” is to provide a correlation between peer victimization and the onset of anxiety and depression among teenagers. The researchers give a non-comprehensive review of prior research done on the effects of bullying…
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Does Bullying Cause Emotional Problems
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Download file to see previous pages Both cited reviews were from primary sources and seem to be relevant to the study problem. However, the researchers do not give a critical analysis of the results of the cited reviews. The research was conducted through the collection and analysis of survey data from a sample size of over two thousand teenage students collected twice over a period of two years (Bond, Carlin, Thomas, Rubin and Patton, 480).
The study was undertaken in schools around Victoria, Australia with a sample size of 2680 secondary school students. The sample was selected from a large population of students from over 12 school districts in rural and metropolitan Victoria. Participation in the study was voluntary for students; requiring written parental consent before involvement in the research. The researchers also sought the approval of education and health stakeholders. They included The Royal Children's Hospital, the ethics, and human research committee, the Catholic Education Office and the Victorian Department of Education and Training (Bond et al.,481).
The researchers clearly describe the method of sample selection. In metropolitan Melbourne, statistical probability methods were used to allocate randomly all participating schools to control or intervention status. Then random sampling methods were employed by the researchers to select 12 schools from the “intervention” status and 12 schools from the “control” status. In Rural Victoria, six schools were randomly selected from two regional districts. The total number of schools in Victoria that agreed to participate was twenty-six. The researchers put it to good use to anonymously gauge the level of victimization and social status of the teenage students.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Does Bullying Cause Emotional Problems Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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