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What are the Key Health Dangers for Children - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "What are the Key Health Dangers for Children" focuses on the fact of children state in the modern society. As the text has it, children are an important part of population structure and human composition within a society…
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What are the Key Health Dangers for Children
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Extract of sample "What are the Key Health Dangers for Children"

Download file to see previous pages According to Addendum, World Health Organization WHO or Government policies are continuously working and implementing several strategies for the provision of basic facilities and services including education, health, cleanliness and safe drinking water. The particular focus of these institutions is given to those living in slum areas and far-flung rural dwellings because of low health conditions in such areas.
UN organizations are continuously involved in the betterment of mankind. These organizations worked a lot at various levels for the protection of children health. They also work to protect the rights and interests of the children all over the world. These interests are particularly in regard to their health, marriage contracts and employment. It is also important to understand that early marriages also affect the overall health and life of young female children. UN organizations are also working for the protection of children against abuse, punishment and emphasize the role of guardians and parents in the well being of their children.
It is also an accepted fact that children cannot be overlooked within a society. They are considered an important segment of the society because of their composition and percentage in overall population structure. So several steps are taken that are aimed to promote the health and development of the children. These care generally include the provision and strengthening of maternal and child care, preventive and immunization health, implementation of water projects, vaccination, environmental sanitation campaigns, the establishment of day care centers, the establishment of pre-schools, care and establishment of playgrounds and provision of primary education for children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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