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Development and Influences of Peer Sociability - Assignment Example

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This paper “Development and Influences of Peer Sociability” focus on identifying these influences during middle childhood and adolescence, and their impact on children in positive and negative aspects. While doing so, it explores the implications of behavioral trends noted in these groups…
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Development and Influences of Peer Sociability
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Extract of sample "Development and Influences of Peer Sociability"

Download file to see previous pages Children’s social development is strongly characterized by peer experiences and friendships during middle childhood. These experiences tend to have a strong influence on children’s cognitive abilities and their social worlds. As children tend to go out of their homes and start mingling with others, whether at school or in the neighborhood, their exposure to the world outside of family increases along with spending more time with a diverse set of friends of the same age.
Adolescence, in other words, replicates and incorporates previously mastered stages of development. Adolescents are characterized by rapid physical growth due to physiological changes; they too tend to expand their social horizons much wider and develop their personalities; they decrease their family involvement while increasing peer and community involvement. Physiological changes including hormonal fluctuations cause mood changes and the development of some physical features. During this time, the regions of the brain that control emotions develop and mature, making the phase highly sensitive to deal with and prone to external influences at large. They tend to explore different options in lifestyles, and the way in which others perceive them changes as they lose their status as children and begin to take on characteristics of adulthood; however, their psychosocial development is not as mature as that of an adult (Moshman, 1999). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Development and Influences of Peer Sociability Assignment, n.d.)
Development and Influences of Peer Sociability Assignment.
(Development and Influences of Peer Sociability Assignment)
Development and Influences of Peer Sociability Assignment.
“Development and Influences of Peer Sociability Assignment”.
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