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Virtual Technologies and Its Effects on Human Relationships - Essay Example

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The paper describes the internet as a form of technology that enables individuals from different parts of the world to connect and keep in touch without necessarily interacting physically. We live in a world full of technology and these help us to communicate as we use emails…
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Virtual Technologies and Its Effects on Human Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages The emergence of virtual communities has helped some people to meet friends that they cannot interact with in real life may be because of their physical appearance. Even though the internet and social networking sites have changed and made our interactions easier and faster, there are many negative effects that these social networks have on online individuals and society. There have been increased cases on crimes such as identity theft, hacking, stalking, piracy among others and these mostly affect those who are doing business online or interacting online. In addition, persistent use of social networks may cause addiction in that online users to develop the attitude of not spending a day without tweeting, sending emails, or Facebooking. Most of us rely more on technology but less on others to form virtual relationships than real relationships (Turkle). With easy access to online technology and interfaces such as the internet, online dating has become a popular option for many people and it has revolutionized the dating pattern today. Many people who met through online dating have established strong friendship bonds and these dating sites assist some people to find love and happy relationships. The lives of many individuals have been transformed through online encounters (Kenner). There are many advantages of online dating, firstly, it enables individuals to know and interact with different people across the globe and share their common interests. Secondly, online dating helps those individuals who are nervous in the presence of the opposite sex to easily interact with others without meeting them personally. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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