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The American Loneliness:All the Lonely People - Essay Example

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The future of friendship in America will become insignificantly, virtual and less meaningful because a lack of face-to-face connection between Americans, intimate friendships have become scarcer, less quality friendships on social networks, and more and more people prefer to…
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The American Loneliness:All the Lonely People
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"The American Loneliness:All the Lonely People"

Download file to see previous pages Micheal Sumen statement summarizes the central idea of all the sources. He says, “It allows people to connect in ways that were never before possible. But it also creates new sets of questions and potential problems.” The technology has opened the gateway to extensive communication.
However, abuse of digital media is threatening human lifestyle. One of the important side effects identified by researchers is loneliness. People have widened their social circle through visual communication. They might have many virtual friends but they remain lonely in their surroundings and behaviour. Many people criticize face book for making people lonelier. The sources talks about Kinky Friedman, a person who refrains from entering the digital world. He doesn’t tweet nor uploads status on face book (Rokach 6).
He narrates how his friends persuade him to establish an identity in the visual communication network. In another article, Steve Baarendse discloses thirteen reasons accounting for his absence from face book. However, he also mentions that one of his students opposed him saying that he can give equal reasons to be on face book. Hence, the argument is very controversial. It is not easy to ascribe digital technology with blames. In this essay we will discuss in detail the effects of digital communication on our society and our life style.
Humans are social animals. They depend on their counterparts for survival. Take the example of an infant who needs care to live life ahead. However, this human to human connection is not necessary for survival alone but to celebrate happiness, appreciate emotions and achieve success (Marche 60).
The advent of digital technology has made the connectivity easier and wider. From atop of Mount Everest to South Pacific atolls, digital communication is ubiquitous. People communicate to each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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