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Solvability Factors - Essay Example

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Murder clearances in the United States and around the world are becoming an issue not only for law enforcement agencies but also for the general public and lawmakers as well. However, inability to solve a crime can never be clearly assessed as pure inefficiency in the law enforcement sector…
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Solvability Factors
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Download file to see previous pages Solvability factors, therefore, are the elements or situations that directly or indirectly affected the resolution of a crime which, as defined above, constitutes arresting and charging the offender or perpetrator. The following are solvability factors identified in the investigation of crimes such as homicide.
The first group of factors involves those associated with the crime incident (Keppel & Weis, 1994). One factor is the commission of another crime. For homicide, these include robbery and breaking and entering which may aid in the investigation of the primary crime. Another factor is the time of the commission of the crime. Crimes that are perpetrated at broad daylight or at a time wherein many people are up and about will have a higher solvability due to the possibility of witnesses. Another factor under this category is the place of the crime. Crimes committed in residential areas are more likely to be solved than those committed in non-residential areas (Keppel & Weis, 1994).
The second group of factors includes those associated with the vic...
The third group of factors is the law enforcement organizational factors. Different strategies, regulations and other characteristics of crime detection agencies play an important role in the resolution of a crime. One factor is the amount of time that is devoted for a particular case. It is only logical that one investigator can handle a certain number of cases for a given period of time while it is quite understandable that an investigator can be more focused and be efficient when handling one case at a time (Wellford & Cronin, 1999).
Another factor under this category is the number of agents or detectives for a particular division who can handle the same types of crime. When a certain investigator handling a case cannot, for any particular reason, pursue the investigation then assistance or replacement by another capable investigator is necessary (Muozos & Muller, 2001; Wellford & Cronin,1999).
Another factor is the existence and efficiency of support staff that can increase the performance and rate of accomplishment of the details and processes undertaken by an investigator. Related to this is the separate function of data or evidence analysts that can help tackle the clues and questions posed by the data or evidences. Lastly, an important solvability factor related to law enforcement practice is teamwork inside the unit which roughly translates to good cooperation and communication frameworks among colleagues (Riedel & Rinehart, 1996).
The fourth group of solvability factors falls under the crime scene factors. The foremost factor in this category includes the rapid or timely security of the crime scene and other places that may be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solvability Factors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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