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Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults - Case Study Example

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This paper “Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults” will asses the impacts of attending a seniors center and whether attendance is better than not attending when one becomes old. Like call centers and dating centers, senior centers have become a career for many people…
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Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults
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Extract of sample "Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults"

Download file to see previous pages For example, it has been said that when you are a participant of a certain senior center, the possibility of you getting mental complications as well as other health complications is uh-heard of (Glass, T. A. 1999 p.479).
In this regard, this paper will asses the impacts of attending a seniors center and whether attendance is better than not attending when one becomes old. Comparisons between the two will be carried out and will base on the following,
The elderly are people who have gone through a series of steps in life from a state where they are stable in terms of health and independence in the day to day running of their lives to a state of increased vulnerability, dependence and recurring illnesses (Jeremy, M. 2008 p.260). According to him further, the elderly reach a stage where everything has to be done for them in addition to being instructed on how to do what they claim to know.
In this regard as Ronald, H (2003) puts it, an important and secure way should be identified on how they will have all their needs catered without infringing on their rights since they are referred to as vulnerable. To him, institutions like senior centers should be in existence where such people can be kept so as to ensure comprehensive and coordinated service delivery.
Research works done on this topic show that giving the elderly services while in senior centers has advantages. According to Ronald, H (2003), senior centers are beneficial in that, they promote the successful aging of the participants. This is so because, when an elderly are left alone at home, the probability that he/she will be thinking of earlier life is higher. This lingering in the past may make one start developing complication which arises from deep thought and given that their ages are vulnerable which translates to more suffering. Further, people always do well with the future in mind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults Case Study, n.d.)
Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults Case Study.
(Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults Case Study)
Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults Case Study.
“Social Support to the Functional Health of Older Adults Case Study”.
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