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What is the nature of the relationship between sport and health - Essay Example

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The numbers of diseases affecting people in this modern society are many compared to the old times, when the population and industrialization was less. Surprisingly, all these developments have unknowingly generated side effects in human health. The industries are known…
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What is the nature of the relationship between sport and health
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Extract of sample "What is the nature of the relationship between sport and health"

Download file to see previous pages The idea is that various factors within human control, contribute to developments of health problems. However, they have an option of controlling or preventing the diseases developments in their bodies, through means of exercise to remain healthy. Brisk walking is an easy exercise, only costing one’s time, but no dependence on gym machines, and if regularly practiced, it becomes a beneficial hobby. According to Haber, the brisk (quick) walk is described as covering 3 miles in an hour, often twice the normal pace (2010, p. 157). Other health systems recommend 3to 5 miles, a pace that can burn calories and fats, raising one’s heartbeat and assist to achieve cardiovascular benefits.
During financial Struggles: At times people are under financial constraints to enrol in gyms or other quality programs. Brisk walking is cheap as it avoids causing financial strain on an excising individual. The exercise is cost effective, resulting to little or no cost association, and this makes most individuals qualify to take part, considering their financial hardships (PCAL and DECCW, 2011, p.6). At times, acquiring gym equipment indoors is too expensive, and the available money would rather be channelled to other needs. A family or individual does not have an excuse for failing to engage in exercises, while there is an available option. Large families can escape paying for gym programs, instead they can get to keep the money and moreover make brisk walk a routine. If taken seriously, the children should be brought up appreciating brisk walk as a sport; the benefit would be realized in the long run, through the health in the families and prevention of future expenses due to health problems. For the kids, it becomes fun and not a chore, they do it frequently and as they grow up their bones and muscles become strong (, 2013). The exercise can be done alone or even as a group, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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