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Design a project that address a specific social issue.the project is activity day center for people ages 65 and over - Essay Example

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Veo activity day centre for the elderly is a non residential facility that provides the elderly persons and disabled individuals with activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, and games. The day centres for people aged over sixty five allows them to access to particular…
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Design a project that address a specific social issue.the project is activity day center for people ages 65 and over
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Extract of sample "Design a project that address a specific social issue.the project is activity day center for people ages 65 and over"

Download file to see previous pages England has about four thousand six hundred adult day care centres in operation providing care to a total of 13 elderly people in England on a daily basis. Over seventy percent of these adult day care centres operate on a not for profit or public basis. Most funding for the operation of these centres mainly comes from participant fees, third party payers, and philanthropic sources.
Adult day care is a service given to the frail, physically or cognitively impaired adults, seniors, and their caregivers. Some of the centres are associated with multi service entities like home care, assisted living, nursing facilities, and hospitals. Adult day care programs provide adults with services in a community based group setting. These programs are generally geared towards providing day time social and health services to the elderly who require supervised care away from the home such as transportation for daily needs, meals and snacks with provisions for special dietary needs, programs for stimulating activities, opportunities for social interaction with peers and mental stimulation, physical, occupational, and speech therapy in a non medical setting, and help with activities for daily needs.
The main purpose of Veo Activity day Centre is to assist the elderly to prevent social isolation and loneliness. The reduction of social interaction difficulties that older people face, may be countered by activities that the centre will provide such as arts and craft, dancing, quiz puzzles, board games, walks and tours, singing, and flower arrangement. The aim of of Veo Activity centre will be to motivate the people over sixty five years by encouraging them to participate in the planning of activities within the centre, and to assist those with disabilities to be independent and socially integrated thus giving respite to those closer to them such as relatives and carers.
Veo Activity day Centre will have a project ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Design a Project That Address a Specific Social issue.The Project Is Essay.
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