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Nutrition and Lifestyle Management - Essay Example

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Management: A case study Introduction: This is a case of a 55 year old female presenting with symptoms of mostly digestive complaints such as heartburn that occurs twice a week, an occasional abdominal bloating, flatulence, irregular bowel habits, itchiness of the anal part especially during at night along with other symptoms such as dry skin and tiredness plus the fact that she is overweight…
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Nutrition and Lifestyle Management
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Download file to see previous pages Nutrition-wise the client is way over board the ideal weight with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 as calculated from the client’s present height and weight which is in turn inappropriate for the client’s body built. According to the BMI table (Table 1 of appendix), a BMI of 35 belongs to obese category II (WHO). The client exerts a little energy around work spending 8 hours of the office-day in front of the computer and feels too tired later in the day to do anything else. This feeling had been noted even on weekends where she does walking to and from shops as well as movie watching with friends. As of now the client feels and thinks that the client is healthy but otherwise the symptoms are telling a different story. The client’s eating habit is very similar to what most people have due to their busy schedule. It can be seen from the food diary that client digs biscuit on a daily basis and skips eating during one to two most important meals of the day. Family history reveals the presence of cardiovascular disease that took the client’s father at age 65 and mother with known dementia that is still living in a home. Presently the client has no known disease or otherwise not yet revealed and takes no medication of any kind for certain medical conditions though complaints of some symptoms mentioned earlier. With all these information in mind client's nutrition and lifestyle pattern will be evaluated and modified preferentially as age specific and the client’s weight will be controlled and will be able to improve digestion and have essential and significant weight loss not just for a short time achievement but for better health outcome for that matter and to reduce her risks of having medical problems associated with weight gain. Methods of assessment: To analyze the client’s eating and lifestyle behaviour a comparison of the client’s nutritional status with is normal for sex and age was made. This means comparing the client’s actual anthropometric measurement with the normal measurement used as guide for health and nutrition nowadays. The methods used for assessing the client’s nutrition are very basic so that it would not be very difficult to understand considering the client’s age. The basics of food intake, energy expenditure and weight accumulation according to age and gender are some key features that will be made to understand that will help in client’s achieving a sustainable health outcome. Nutritional status defines how well the nutrients in client’s diet meets the body’s physiologic needs which will be done through tools against the actual dietary information (Conley, 2011). According to Vellas et al (2001) there is a high prevalence of malnutrition especially for the elderly that is why nutritional assessment is really important especially in finding appropriate nutritional therapy. Dietary assessment varies per person since individuals have unique needs and concerns so it is important to pattern a design care plan based in the persons dietary assessment findings to answer differences in individuals needs (Minnesota Department of Health, 2012) just like in this case, client’s age is considered as well as activities of daily living together with the risks revealed from familial and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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