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Clinical Nurtiution health - Case Study Example

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Anitha also suffers from depression and mouth abscess for which she is receiving treatment. One significant recent change is loss of weight by 6 kgs in 4 months’ period. This loss…
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Download file to see previous pages Interactions with other health care professionals and strategies to tackle malnutrition will be discussed.
Dietary assessment has become an integral part of clinical evaluation and nursing assessment. Good nutrition is not only important for preventing disease, but also for comprehensive management of a patient. Dietary assessment includes 24 hour recall of food intake, including the type and quantity, calories analysis, estimation of protein, fat and other important nutrients like vitamins and minerals and comparing with standard references for respective age, sex and physiological condition like pregnancy, lactation and adolescence. One day’s 24 hour recall of food may not be the best guide for nutrition assessment of a particular patient. However, it keeps matter simple for calorie calculation.
From what we can see from Anitas’s 24 hour food recall, the total calorie intake is about 1000 kcal, shortcoming of her requirement. Based on the age, sex, height, weight and lifestyle, the calorie requirement of Anitha is 1581 kcal per day. Her basal metabolic rate based on Harris-Benedict formula is 1318 kcal per day. The protein intake is about 20 grams when she needs about 45 grams (ICMR, 2010). Total fat is about 10% and mainly constituting saturated fat. Dietary fiber is only about 10% (when it should be 30%). Except for some iron and calcium in the breakfast and some vitamins in the snacks, her diet is poor in vitamins and minerals. The diet does not contain fresh fruits or vegetables or starchy staple foods. Nor does the diet contain adequate milk.
Malnutrition occurs when an individuals diet fails to provide nutrition that is required for growth, health and normal body function. Malnutrition can affect any system in the body. The most significant symptoms of malnutrition are fatigue, weight loss and dizziness. Anitha lost 6 kgs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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