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Adults - Essay Example

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The SLP is an expert who provides language and speech therapies and has the ability to detect levels of understanding and expression and the challenges of…
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Extract of sample "Adults"

Download file to see previous pages He says that aphasia is a disorder that results from damage of parts of the brain that are coordinating language. He further adds that it affects both the young children and adults but emphasizes that it is very common among the older adults. The SLP tells me that aphasia is caused by the damage of the dominant part of the brain that controls most aspects of language. He says that the part of brain that is damaged by aphasia is the left hemisphere. After the brief explanation from the SLP, I went further to interview him about Sarah whom he met earlier having aphasia disorder.
According to the SLP, Sarah, 29 years old had aphasia disorder. Before doing anything to her, he welcomed her to sit on a chair at his therapy room. The room was private hence there was no interruption from outside. Then, the SLP explains that he tried to create a rapport with Sarah asking her three general questions about her home, the current activities and her wellbeing. First, the speech-language pathologists established an ongoing relationship with Sarah and her family to provide security and reassurance through good rapport and trust. He adds that Sarah understood and communicated in English very well and that was the language used during their interaction. Just before the SLP could begin his therapy on Sarah, he assured her of the confidentiality of her therapy session and requested her to feel free to respond to his questions regarding her health. The SLP told Sarah that he uses codes in his therapy work to keep the secrets of her work. He also used codes to represent the words expressed by Sarah.
In their interaction, the SLP used memos to ensure that the emerging theories supported Sarah’s views about her condition. At the time of coding, the SLP made the memos regarding the relationship between codes. Coding involved the identification of codes using phrases, sentences, and words from their interaction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adults Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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