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Women have been viewed subjectively as victims of male domination that was supported by the feminist societal expectation of women. The media has played a dual…
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Review and summarise
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"Review and summarise"

Download file to see previous pages This woman understands their human rights and who acts under their liberties. These changing face of the woman has had its share of benefits and also consequences.
The new modern woman depicts a sustained repudiation as the cultural frameworks, and societal expectation diminishes with time. The modern woman is an antifeminist by choice and makes the conscious decision for personal growth and achievement. The modern woman also possesses autonomous characteristic and is free to dream and is confident enough to achieve these goals amidst many dilemmas that they face in changing face of the economy and politics.
The media has influenced the transformative process of the feminine. It defines their sexual conducts, and this has resulted in a diminishing value of feminism. The women develop an abject view of feminism, and they readily avoid situations that depict the traditional male who is possessive and authoritative over the woman. Advertisements on billboards and televisions display women in two opposing views (McRobbie 2004). One view that is hidden is the drive for feminism from the men’s perspective depicted by the women’s willingness to show objectively. The flipside is the feeling of freedom experienced by women. It is clear that there is a gloss acceptance by the women who dismiss feminism through the new meaning of sexuality (McRobbie 2004). Females consent to participate in feminism without interference from politics.
The government or modern politics have brought coined new approach to feminism politics through providing equal opportunities to the very successful women in the society. The opportunities in politics and other previously masculine professions have been viewed as a push for individualization. The new role of the government is to promote self-reliance and autonomy by providing the system infrastructure and the information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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