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The author of the paper states that the book "Honey from the Rock" is an effective tool in altering one’s outlook in life. Its effectiveness lies in the simplicity that Kushner explains his message. The book merely provides its readers with a review of the basics teachings of Judaism…
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Analysis of Honey from the Rock by Kushner

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Download file to see previous pages Lawrence Kushner, who is a rabbi, an educator, and an accomplished writer, wrote the book.  His being a good educator and a prolific writer can easily be noticed in the way the book is written.  While the book deals with a very serious topic, which some other modern rabbinic authors may not help but use a tone and choice of words comparable to the Torah,  Kushner was able to explain his points in a clear and concise manner typical of an academic.  However, even while he did use a layman reader-friendly tone and vocabulary, his being a rabbi stood out with his weighty and astute articulation of the ten gates of Jewish mysticism.  He does not stop at being a rabbi and educator to his readers.  He reaches out to them as a friend too through his exhortations to give life to the teachings by applying it to daily life.  Some books of the same genre may sound too self-righteous at times.  However, Honey from the Rock does not sound that way.  Instead, Kushner merely points out the essence of the most important aspects of the Jewish faith and relates it to modern living’s practical situations.  It is up to the reader’s degree of appreciation to the book that he gets enlightened.  It depends on how he grasps the meaning of every word that the author writes that he gets inspiration.  The tone of the book alone proves how Kushner does not wish to impose his ideas on anyone of his readers.  The gentle encouragement complemented well the sharpness of his analysis.  He leaves it to the readers to make the first steps in renewing themselves and follow the path of the righteous. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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