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The Star: A New Way to See Them - Book Report/Review Example

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The new way to see them is a book that explains the different type of stars and their names. In addition, the book also, explains various theories about the stars and the patterns that star always form. The author of the book is Hans Augusto Rey, born in 1898 in Hamburg Germany. …
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The Star: A New Way to See Them
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Insert The stars new way to see them The new way to see them is a book that explains the different type of stars and their names. In addition, the book also, explains various theories about the stars and the patterns that stars always form. The author of the book is Hans Augusto Rey, born in 1898 in Hamburg Germany. The author has written many books about animals, children and constellations. Hans has the determination and curiosity in learning and exploring.
The stars new way to view them is the one that I am going to review. The book contains 61 pages in total with different headings and short explanations (Florian). It took me one and half hours to read the book and understand it correctly. I like this book. It has an excellent summary, and the illustrations of the constellations are interesting. Despite some complicated calculations for determining the distance between different types of stars, the book is interesting to read. In addition, the author provides some images of various kinds of stars there sizes among other heavenly bodies like the moon.
The subjects
The book has various items that explain about the stars and other bodies. For instance, it has the subjects like; discovering the night stars that show a pattern of stars and earthly cycles. Moreover, the book explains the meaning of the constellation, and it describes constellations as the patterns formed by the stars (Plain). However, the subjects have various contributions to the field of astronomy. For instance, it serves as a guide for individuals who need to carry father studies about the stars and other heavenly bodies. Moreover, the book makes it easy for science students and any other individuals to understand different stars formation.
It is very inspirational in that; it gives a different perception to the way we view stars. In addition, it makes science real. That is, it has a clear explanation on about formation of constellations. Moreover, the book also shows how stars can aid in land marking. Moreover, the book is summarized and has images that facilitate quick understanding of the book. Therefore, the book is full of facts that can make an individual to read it again and again.
I see myself reading more about different types of stars and their formations. In addition, I will also encourage my friends to read the book. Because of the love that I have for the book and the authors good work, I am willing to buy the book at $ 10. Also, from the book I was able to more about constellations and its formation. Apart fro understanding the different types of stars I also now know that constellations can aid as landmarks.
I enjoyed studying it and would advise anyone who has the desire to learn more about stars. From the formation of stars, the book taught me that good relations can enable us make a real pattern in life that will allow us to see far. That is; the combination of lights from various stars can produce a ravishing light. The same thing applies to a good relationship and teamwork. Therefore, I find the book to be full of contend that can enable one to learn and have a perception towards the stars.
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Florian, Douglas. Comets, Stars, The Moon, And Mars. Orlando: Harcourt, 2007. Print.
Plain, Belva. The Sight Of The Stars. New York: Delacorte Press, 2004. Print. Read More
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