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Breaking Boundaries - Essay Example

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I chose this cultural experience because wedding functions are rich and quite suitable occasions for observation of a culture. People display all bright shades of their cultures on their wedding…
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Breaking Boundaries
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Download file to see previous pages Social psychology lays the foundation of the society as a whole because only those things, processes, systems, and ideals are appreciated and endorsed by a society that people place value in. Studying social psychology of a nation may be of huge help in determining the appropriate methods to appeal to the people for any cause and get their approval and conformance to the new trends and ideas.
This cultural experience was outside of my comfort zone because I do not attend wedding functions quite often. I generally like to interact with people one to one rather than with a group altogether. Somehow I feel that we can relate to others better when we are talking face to face; and the lesser the outsiders, the better and more meaningful the conversation. Contrary to this, this wedding was a function in which everybody was frequently changing from one conversant to another. Most people were just saying hi and hello to each other and passing on; many of them actually just wanted to catch everybody’s attention to how well they were dressed and how elegant they were looking. There was hardly any deep conversation going on.
For this project, I had asked my friend if he would take me to the wedding function with him as an acquaintance. There was possibility that I might not be allowed to visit as the seats were all reserved. However, my friend’s relatives were very friendly, understanding, and easy-going and welcomed me warm-heartedly. Even the friend with whose reference I had come to the party disappeared into the crowd in no time. It was almost as if I was holding a fish in my hand that slipped out as soon as I reached the pond. To make the matters worse, nobody knew me nor did I know anybody. Particularly as an outsider and not from among the family of either the bride or the groom, it was difficult for me to fit in and observe closely. Being conscious of the cause ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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