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Saunds strategies for breaking-racial barriers - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper will provide some comments regarding Saund’s and his strategy for breaking-racial barriers to acquiring citizenship and running for elected office. Saund understood that drafting a bill and pushing it through the United States Congress especially for approval would not be an easy task. …
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Saunds strategies for breaking-racial barriers
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Extract of sample "Saunds strategies for breaking-racial barriers"

Saund’s strategies for breaking-racial barriers This paper will provide some comments regarding Saund’sand his strategy for breaking-racial barriers to acquiring citizenship and running for elected office. It is evaluable that, Saund decided to influence other Indian immigrants living in California to form an organization that would help them voice their grievances as a group and facilitate the nullification of California’s Alien Land Law (Feagin 77). Particularly, nullification of this law would contribute to their right to become full citizens of America and stop racial discrimination against Indian immigrants as elimination of the law’s guidelines would signify the end of part of the oppressive handicaps to Indian’s workday business life. Saund believed that nullification of California’s Alien Land Law and formation of an organization would also gain them the right to full citizenship, which in turn would afford them their political rights.
In conclusion, Saund understood that drafting a bill and pushing it through the United States Congress especially for approval would not be an easy task. However, he strengthened himself by rallying support from his friends from both the Americana and Indian sides. Upon evaluating this bill aspect, it is deducible that Saund believed that it would gain them the right to be full American citizens, do away with racial discrimination, and give them right to cherish their American right to politics. Saund knew that by holding a judgeship or any other electoral office would increase their chances of gaining full American citizenship and eliminate all boundaries deterring them from participating in the political segment (101). As a result, he began campaigning for his bid to win the judge position in Westmorland. Holding such an office would give Indian immigrants an opportunity to participate actively in the judgment process of the American courts. In addition, it would assist them diminish cases of racial discrimination against Indian immigrants.
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