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The migration experiences over the years have changed and in some instances, the change has been a positive one. In many ways, Garcia provides her readers with the right…
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Minority in women- classmate response 11
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Sociology Response 11: Minority Women Maria Garcia is right when she says that migration patterns give a reflection of certain time periods. The migration experiences over the years have changed and in some instances, the change has been a positive one. In many ways, Garcia provides her readers with the right examples, showing why the patterns of migration have changed over the years and the impact they have had on a society. Above all, I agree with Garcia when she says that the migration opportunities for women have positively changed in the last several decades. Nonetheless, there is one problem that I noted in her discussion, referencing and use of topic sentences. There are no topics or subtopics in her work, which made it difficult for me to identify the main points in her discussion. The in-text references are there, but she forgot to include the full information for her source. Basically, she has made an effort to provide examples from academic sources but failed to make it available for her readers.
Camille Hutson believes that people who usually migrate are poor and they lack job opportunities in their homeland. I do not agree with this point because people migrate for many reasons. For example, there are other push factors that contribute to migration of people. These are factors such as conflicts or war in their countries, lack of prospects at home for career development, natural disasters or lack of human rights in their counties (Andersen & Hill-Collins, 2013). For example, a journalist from Hungary or Egypt is likely to migrate to America because he or she will work in a nation that does not have restrictive media laws or where journalists are always arrested. One thing that I agree with Hutson is that women migrants are more than men who migrate these days. The number of women who migrated years ago was low, but this has changed with the improvement of women’s rights in most countries, though not all. Lastly, I noted that Hutson has done an exceptional task because she organized her discussion in a way that makes it easy for any reader to understand her views. Moreover, she has also provided the in-text references and full bibliographic information at the end of her discussion.
Andersen, M. L., & Hill-Collins, P. (2013). Race, class and gender: An Anthology (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Read More
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Minority in Women- Classmate Response 11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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